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  1. Looking for in mesh body I am looking for one that has a pretty good, easy to use HUD, has both hands and feet but able to remove for slink or N-core shoes and have nail polish options, able to go with many skins kinda like how you are able to set with N-core skin for shoes. Questions i have about mesh body Are you able to modify your shape with the mesh body? Do you have to buy a mesh head, will it look funny without one?
  2. utiizer404.wordpress.com/downloads is where I got all the downloads for the kemono uvs, mesh dummy it also gives you information aswell. good luck ^.^
  3. Am i able to set up a security orb for a skybox or does it come with one? Also do you allow breedables?
  4. I keep getting the same thing telling me deliver failed and I have tried so many times I still have the money and everything its just not registering
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