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  1. Charlar: I sent you those screens in a pribvate message. Citra
  2. Chartar: I guess this is hopeless, and yo may be just the one person who is tasked to sort out all these isses. However, it's two weeks sice you replied to me that you would look into why I cannot access my payment info for Aditi and it was a week or two before that when I first encountered this issue. As I have said repeatedly, my payment info and mesh tutorial staus on the main grid is OK, but the payment part is not reflected in the Aditi status page. All I've seen on the payment info page is that 'payment info is not currently available. Please try agin later.' I now see that another person, WatanukiKun, has the same iisue as me. Can you please tell me what you have been able to discover regarding this. As you can imagine, it's very frustrating.
  3. Thanks for your help, Charlar. I double checked and if I logged into my main server account info, I can see my payment info just fine. In another window, I log into my Aditi account info page, and as I said, it indicates that online billing is unavailable.
  4. For nearly two weeks now, I have been trying to complete the registration process for mesh uploads to the Aditi server. (Goodness knows why LL is making us go through this seriously flawed process TWICE, since I am already registered on the main server.) I have completed the Tutorial and, in fact have payment info on file, which is indicated on my main server registration. The Aditi registration process doesn't seem to recognize that, and what's more frustrating, for these two weeks, the web page has been telling me, "We're sorry, but online billing is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." I really find that hard to believe. Since LL is making us jump through these hoops more than once, couldn't you PLEASE fix the process to make it less painful??
  5. Please add my name to the long list of people who have credit card info on file and have done the tutorial, but still have no confirmation of being registered to upload meshes. Also, does the one test cover both the main and testing grids? Thanks
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