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  1. Hello! I have a simple request. I'm looking for someone to make an Avatar 2.0 skin for me that simulates the 'seams' you might see on an android body. I have a pattern in mind I can show you in-world, but it would be similar to this: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Android/4460353 all I need are specular maps and bump maps, that way I can apply the lines over whatever skin I'm using at the time. I've scoured the marketplace and have not found anything that I liked, so I thought I'd get a custom job done. Thank you!
  2. I'm looking to commission a custom utilizator skin (avatar 2.0). Its pretty unique, but doable. It'll probably be a lot of work because its not your typical skin. I'm willing to pay handsomely for it. Does anyone know someone who makes custom skins? IM Asha Arida for details or reply here.
  3. So the Edit window can report incorrect link numbers...No wonder I was getting confused. That's extremely helpful, thank you!
  4. I'm aware that the last prim you select in a linkset before linking becomes the root. But as far as I can tell, any other prims seem to have arbitrary link numbers, no matter which order I link them. How can I set specific link numbers to each prim? I need this because I have an object with several scripts that talks to specific prims (specifically targeted to link numbers to avoid cross talk)
  5. Well I fixed it, but I'm honestly not sure what I did. I really hope it wasn't human error, cus if it was I'm going to feel incredibly stupid. This thread can be closed.
  6. I just tried this but the result is the same. It gets into the if statement, the comparison is true, and then nothing happens.
  7. Yes it does. But then it hits the llSetPrimParams and nothing happens. No error either.
  8. parsedBaseColor is set outside the loop before it runs. Thanks for the tip though; I updated faceNum but as you suspect it's still seeming to ignore sculpts. I think my problem is in this block: if(parsedType == "7") //If type = sculpt { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(primNum, [PRIM_COLOR, ALL_SIDES, (vector)parsedNewColor, alpha]); } But I really don't know
  9. Oops! the parse function was so simple I forgot to add it. string parse(list in){ string out = llList2String(in, 0); return out; } All it does is remove the alpha from the color vector that llGetPrimParams returns. Anyway the problem is parse() works fine for prims that are not sculpts. But as soon as it hits a sculpt, the llSetPrimParams function doesn't work. It doesn't crash, but the function doesn't appear to do anything.
  10. I seem to be hung up on this if statement. I need to do the following: if(prim at link# is a sculpt) do X else do Y Essentially I have a script that says "If the color of face a on prim b is color c, change it to color d". However, since sculpts (as far as I can tell) only have 1 face, I need to change the syntax of the command to include ALL_SIDES. My loop looks like this: while(primNum > 0) { integer faceNum = (llGetLinkNumberOfSides(primNum)); while(faceNum >= 0) { compareColor = llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(primNum,[PRIM_COLOR, faceNum]); parsedCompareColor = parse(compareColor); primType = llGetLinkPrimitiveParams(primNum,[PRIM_TYPE]); parsedType = parse(primType); if(parsedBaseColor == parsedCompareColor) { if(parsedType == "7") //If type = sculpt { llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(primNum, [PRIM_COLOR, ALL_SIDES, (vector)parsedNewColor, alpha]); } else llSetLinkPrimitiveParamsFast(primNum, [PRIM_COLOR, faceNum, (vector)parsedNewColor, alpha]); } faceNum--; } primNum--; } The other prims change fine but if it hits a sculpt prim, it does nothing. As far as I can tell, it gets into the loop but setprimparams doesn't seem to want to change.
  11. Huh I had no idea about that. I will try that along with Innula Zenovka's suggestion. Thank you both!
  12. I'm going to have to dig through this and try to make sense of it; I like to think I'm pretty compitent but this seems complex. Thank you for the links.
  13. Rotating a prim along the X, Y, or Z axis is easy. My question is how do you rotate a prim along a non-standard axis? An example I'm thinking of might be a wing flapping or a door swinging open. These do not rotate along the center but instead the edge of the prim. I imagine there's a fair amount of math involved, and if so what is it? Or is there an easier way to do this that I'm just not seeing?
  14. This is the strangest bug I have ever seen. Whenever I type in local chat (channel 0) on my home sim (Kaunis), nothing happens. The text does not appear in the local chat window, or my chat logs, and no one can hear me. If I visit another sim I can chat just fine. This is group owned land, and the first time I've seen this issue as I've been here for months. I don't have RLV blocking my chatI tried Firestorm and Metabolt with the same result; the issue must be on the simI can chat on any other channel (2, 3, 4, -1, etc) and it goes through if I have a listen script output to local.My landlady has no idea, and filed a support ticket for them to reset the sim/0 doesn't work eitherI am not banned on the parcel I rentIf I go to another sim, I can type just fine in localI don't know what more information I can provide here Edit: The box is unchecked....However doesn't it only apply for avatars outside the parcel? I can't speak to people inside the parcel while I'm sitting on that same parcel. Additionally, other people have no problem speaking in local, it's just me. Edit: Just checked, I am not on my own block list. Besides, that would mean I would have blocked my chat on every sim instead of just one. Final edit: The problem resolved itself. I don't know what happened or what changed so I can't pinpoint the cause. Very strange...
  15. I'm trying to write a script that will take the output of llGetPrimitiveParams, and transfer it to another object. So far my script looks like this: 1. Store output of llGetPrimitiveParams in a list 2. llDumpList2String params 3. llSay string params 4. Receiving object listens for params 5. llParseString2List on params The problem here is that llParseString2List does not preserve data types (every item in the list becomes a string), so when I run llSetPrimitiveParams in the new object with list params it chokes with an error. How can I preserve data types and transfer primitive params from one object to another?
  16. For example, lets say I want to do a search for the keyword "neko". I get a lot of results. If I was able to remove the word "demo" from the results by searching for "neko -demo" I could narrow my search dramatically. Is it possible to remove items with certain words from my search results? I would like to point out xstreetsl 's search supported this functionality, so you could type "neko -demo" and get all the neko stuff with no demos.
  17. If a friend and I explicitly asked for IM logs between each other, would SL provide them? How long does SL keep IM logs on their servers? Edit: Since I can't figure out how to reply, thanks for answering you guys. I had lost some RPs with my friend during a hard drive crash and I was hoping there might be some way to salvage them from LL...but I didn't really expect them to fork them over so easily.
  18. Yeah I already posted in the wanted section, just waiting for someone to reply. I have not tried searching in world, mostly because in-world search is god-awful if memory serves, but I'll look. I also know how expensive custom work can be, and I'm willing to pay. Thanks for your help.
  19. Oh, no I already have a tron themed look. This one is similar but still has a few differences.
  20. Yeah I kind of figured custom work is a niche market. I thought it was worth a shot to ask here anyway. Thanks for the tip.
  21. I've got in mind a complex build...or what I think is a complex build. I posted in the commerce forum but I was wondering if there was somewhere else I might look to hire someone to build a custom avatar for me. Are there any well known names?
  22. I've got in mind a complex build...or what I think is a complex build. I posted in the commerce forum but I was wondering if there was somewhere else I might look to hire someone to build a custom avatar for me. Are there any well known names?
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