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  1. As a person who played SL when it first came out and left due to it going downhill, not sure why most say old owners. I came back a month or so ago and I think its gone leaps and bounds compared to what it use to be, there is the odd problems but you get them in every online game. I hear people complaining about this discount, I have to say to them...have a look around the other online games. I have played online games for years and every company does this at some stage you need to intice new players into the game or players who left before, I just signed up and didn't get a discount and I have to pay for land. Am I annoyed, no because 9/10 companies do this. On the part of lack of payment methods, I use a pre pay card via pay pal and pay in euros and have no problems. If you wont use a pre paid card to sign up for Pay Pal thats your choice. LL isn't stopping them as I used it this morning to pay my land tier fee's. The one I use is payzonemoney.ie and nothing links to my bank account. Keep up the good progress LL
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