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  1. I am having the exact same issue, only none of the viewers I downloaded (Firestorm, Pheonix, LL V2 AND the beta, Imprudence, Singularity) have worked at all. It zips through the little loading box, goes to the VFS thing, then nothing. Except in the case of the LL viewers, they immediately went to error reports, and of course the beta LL viewer's crash report crashed... I am NOT running team whatever that is, it is not installed on my PC, nor has it ever been, so this is not a working solution to this issue, for me at least. I am well within the recommended system specs, I've been running second life for years on various PC's, and I've never had this issue before. It's always at least gone to the home screen and let me log in before it randomly crashed. Now it doesn't even load the screen. Someone please tell me there is a solution to this issue, I really need to get back in world, I've got a business to run. Thanks guys. ~Spyke~ *edit for spelling error
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