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  1. hello.. looking to Rent.. grandfathered homestead if there any out there.. IM johnny2theo or IM jj26 ragu
  2. Hello i welcome everyone out to Doublej Horse Ranch an Traing Track. there are stables for you to rent. or for you Breeders or just need a stable to keep your Horse's at or sell.. or the Track for you to Train or Ride on.. if you need more info plz Im johnny2theo http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Date%20Harbour/42/112/22
  3. Calling all Aviation enthusiasts or RP player who need a place to land an take back off.. to come out to Thalipolli landing an injoy the blue skys there are a few hangers to rent to show your plane or jet off.. or builder of Aviation type stuff can rent a hanger. if hangers go.. ill rent spots on the ships .. yes there is a Aircraft Carrier.. localed close to blake.. so i hope to see you there ... an rember Blue Skys p.s you must join group to rez items you plane or jet off http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Thalipolli/23/78/28
  4. i need something 256 meter long it dont need to be a half sim wide..
  5. Johnny2TheO

    Half sim

    Hello am looking for a Half Sim. prim 4k give or take..IM INWORLD JOHNNY2THEO
  6. Hello i am looking for someone to make me some song scripts to add to my radio.. full songs plz IM inworls johnny2theo thank you
  7. Hello an thank you. I welcome everyone to stop by an MotorCity Exotic car shop. we have cars starting at 500L an up.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Optimal/230/106/25
  8. hello i like to welcome everyone to Motor City Raceway. i welcome cars an bike. plz come look around.. an take a ride or try to put the fast lap up on the timer board..... there is some really nice looking cars for sale at the Track with more to come.. there is a SLurL downbelow.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Unbreakable%20Love/74/168/22
  9. hello . I invite everyone to stop by MotorCity Raceway.. cars an bike welcome... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Unbreakable%20Love/73/164/22
  10. Hello eveyone i welcomeeveryone to come over an ride your bike.. on The track.. there alsos place's for rent.. to put a bike venders out..... http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Unbreakable%20Love/132/47/22
  11. am not going to argue... i just saying not going to pay someone 50 to 100 real dollers to work on my land... thats all.. thats why i put tht in there what am not going to spend... you people replyed.. there was no reason if my price did not fit you.. right ok ty.. for your time.. an replys.. an second dont tell me what working for pennies is a hour i do in REAL LIFE EVERYDAY.. REAL WORK ON MY FEET LEFTIN THING SO.. LETS NOT GET IN TO THAT. but respect your feeling on what you feel it worth your time.. just not going to get my money..
  12. no.. i was just asking if it could be done.. i guess what an looking for is a dirt track with some car to jump over.. an some hills am sure there would be abit more but am not looking for crazy building an stuff like that..
  13. whats intense amount of work .. its not like your building Rome.. makein hills an Mud is intense **bleep**... i better get in the business my self.. but thank you for you reply...
  14. Hello am looking for someone to make me animated mud.. i am looking to make a monster truck off road place.. so i might be looking for a sim bulder.. an no am not going to pay 100k for someone to make me a monster truck off road sim.. im inworld johnny2theo
  15. Hello looking to rent a homestead.. standlone homestead price looking for 6800l aweek .. not just 6800L for the frist week tier.. 6800L for the my time rentin with you.. im johnny2theo
  16. PLZ READ.. i'am looking for a parcel conncted to the black sea. an sitting on water. it must be around 200 metes long 50 wide. useing the percel for a aircraft carrier.. so this means Jets come an go from here to fly.. an 3k prims.. IM ingame johnny2theo
  17. looking to rent a parcel connected to the blake sea it dont have to be close what am doing is put a aircraft carrier up.. sqm lookinh at 200meters long mabe 60 meters wide. prim 2k im in game johnny2theo
  18. I am very interested in finding a group or school to learn about the aviation, please if you have information about these topics please im me in world johnny2theo thank you
  19. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River%20Hill/5/124/22ok dirt bike people a new Motorcross track is up.. bring your dirt bike down an ride.. there are spots for rent. to builder of motorcross gear an bike's
  20. hello all you gear heads.. there's a new motocross track that opened up... there still work needs to be done but tracks is up an running.. there going to be pits a venders spots for motocross gear an motocross bike builds..http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/River%20Hill/11/92/25
  21. hello iam looking for someone to terrainform my homestead in to a bike track... plz IM johnny2theo
  22. Hello I am looking for a good bike builder to make me a custom bagger.. plz .. IM johnny2theo
  23. hello with all these big monster truck are there any mud boging sim's out there..
  24. welcome to Team motor City SpeedWay... i would like to welcome you to the track. every friday there is a 500L payout to the top fastest person at 3:30 SL time.... there is a 50L BUYIN so look for the tipjar.. tip the 50L . IN ORDER FOR U TO BE ABLE to qualifie for the payout.. also there are garage for rent 400prims 400L.. TO KEEP THAT SHINE BIKE OR CARS OUT... i hope see u out there.. this is a raceway... not a drag track.. so all you drift car drive sportbike rider. sport cars drivers am motorcycle riders come out to the new track... there is timeing gate's up.. with TIMEING BOARDS.. http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Navassa%20Island/216/116/22
  25. Hello am looking for someone.. to build a bike something to this style... longer rear swing arm fat rear tire. in a Hayabusa bike style bike must drive good.. the person u see here there bike's not for sale so... there loss....if you have s something like this for sale plz IM johnny2theo
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