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  1. Everything is not up and running again from the outtages on 2/16/11. As of 1:41 pmsl wa having an event at CLUB MYSTICAL AURA @ BENJAMINZ and lost a full page of contestants and the dj. as of 2/17/12, 10:00 am sl BENJAMINZ IS STILL NOT BACK AND RUNNING. It needs to be looked into as events begin in 2 moe hours there and is still not available. RAINBOW SHIELDMAIDEN, OWNER OF CLUB MYSTICAL AURA
  2. What is going on with Benjaminz ? Has been almost 9 hours and still can't get to Club Mystical Aura. I am the owner of Club Mystical Aura located @benjaminz. I have been trying to get there since 3 a, this morning as I have things I need to get done there today. What did you do to Bemjaminz ? Did you loose it badly when you reset it ?
  3. There was a reset at Benjaminz on Aug.31st around 2am and i had rezzed some stuff and was logged off. When I returned after my stuff was gone. I looked in my lost & found and it wasn't there. What did you do with it ?
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