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  1. birds of a feather, birds of a feather. It's alright. I'm leaving SL. You guys are right I don't belong here. bye, enjoy your second life.
  2. I guess it's best to stay as far away from rl as possible when in SL. I never bothered to do anything to my profile.
  3. Why would it be trolling discussing SL people on the People forum in the SL forum?
  4. It's reputation, not fact. It's what SL is known for to most people. The common opinion of it. There's no true or false in opinions. The common opinion becomes reputation. SL and SL people do not have a good reputation. Sadly, I kind of agree with the definitions on Urban dictionary. It's quite accurate from what I see on SL.
  5. Is lucinda really someone here or you just joking about lucifer? Just some sad interesting facts available for all on the internet man. The reputation is what it is unfortunately.
  6. More from Urban dictionary. No 2 and 3 2. Second Life 3788 up, 255 down A digital world where people without a first life mingle and be pathetic togethor in harmony. "Timmy and I play Second Life and then we watch reruns of our middle school graduation while masturbating." 3. Second Life 1146 up, 75 down An unstable, unsecured virtual real time chat platform/medium, that claims no responsibility for anything, brought to you by the creator of an internet video conferencing sofeware, which was later acquired by RealNetworks. Players are generally in their 20s or 40s' Where one (as a predator or victim) can waste lots of real time and monies w/ delusions of reliving a bettered remembered "glory days" as any sex or creature or thing, killing time w/ desperate housewives, retirees, drunks, the mentally ill and different dregs of ppls on Government Assistance, validating their time playing by creating crap or on sexual conquests, while they avoid their real life (aka 1st life) waiting for their 3rd life (aka death). Recent media attention, I.R.S., pedophilia, hacked accounts, constant kiddie scripted disruptions. Second Life "Come for the hoes, stay for the lolz!" Second Life "I hang on Second Life waiting for WOW to finish their maintenance." Second Life "Where PS/coding skills make you are God!" Second Life "The internet's' final frontier for your rents!" Second Life "One word, lag!"
  7. Look at urban dictionary 1. Second Life 5291 up, 73 down A game where desperate people with no lives or friends get to live out their dreams of social acceptance and sex. The vast majority of Second Life players are unattractive and socially awkward. With Second Life, nerds everywhere that are deprived of sex in their 1st life can have virtual sex in their Second Life. Woo!
  8. ^ Yeah that's true. SL is an escape from RL. It does has a reputation for being a community for rl loser. When I Google Second Life followed by an L "second life l" the suggestion dropdown list thing shows "Second life losers". It's no generalizing though. I didn't say all. I said most and this from my experience.
  9. Most people on SL are just odd. They don't talk like people irl and have very erratic behaviour. It just seem like a lot of people on SL have personality problems, rage issues or are depressed. Generally mentally unstable people you know. Do you notice it? I think people who don't notice it are one of those mental people themselves, birds of a feather flock together huh? I've seen and met some good, logical people on SL but the majority just seem mentally unstable. What do you think?
  10. Is this the future of SL? Everyone wil be wearing realistic mesh heads?
  11. I'm looking for how to get more US$ from selling L$. Not how to get more L$. Thanks.
  12. Edited original post. What's the best way to get the most money out of L$?
  13. Yea, I limit sell it for L$247/US$1 but it's been 3 days. Is it even possible sell at L$227/US$1? I know you can limit it to 227 but will it actually get sold or people just end up cancelling the order cause it can't sell? I'm interested in getting more US$for lower L$. I don't mind waiting a month or two if it's actually possible at L$227/US$1. Anyone ever sold any linden for L$227/US$1? How long did it take?
  14. I check market sell...it takes L$264 to get an estimated proceed of US$1. How do you get L$238.69/US$1 ?
  15. edit: wait I'm not sure now. Yea I saw it wrongly. Anyway. I tried to sell it on Lindex limit sell at L$247 for US$1 but it wouldn't sell for 3days already? Isn't 247 the standard buy rate now? How long does it take? Is it possible to limit sell at a better rate? like L$220/US$1?
  16. Griffin: The wiki article is obsolete and can't be relied on but the Moneyslex is still open for bussiness. So are they still safe since the were once listed as safe on the old wiki article?
  17. Edit: Change topic since the origial question is answered. How can I get the most from selling my L$? Best rates? best method? How much to sell at a time? Can't find any new info on this. Google comes up with info from years ago which not relevant now since the rates are different. Help! Original question (nevermind this, my mistake) Hi all, I'm looking to sell some lindens and I found Moneyslex ( http://moneyslex.com/index.php?lang=en) They have better rates than lindex. Is it safe to sell lindens on this website? Anyone have any experience selling lindens on Moneyslex? Are there other safe sites to sell lindens with better rates? :matte-motes-grin: What's the best way to get the most of my lindens?
  18. Wow, it looks really detailed with the vintage cars and posters too. I think I've heard of your sim but never been there yet. Somewhere new to explore
  19. It seems to me that there are so many people who own sims. Sometimes I wander on to a sim and wonder why the owner made this place when there aren't any people that go there. Anyway, made me think of these questions and since it's hard to find sim owners in world, I'm asking in the forum... How many sim(s) do you own?What made you decide to buy your first sim?How long have you owned it/them?What do you do with your sim(s)/ What are they for?Do you pay for you sim(s) with RL money or you make enough on SL to pay for you sim(s)?What are your future plans for your sim(s)?Include pictures or landmarks if you like to make it interesting. You spent a lot on it so why not talk a little about it :matte-motes-big-grin-wink:
  20. Nacy, you are making this very arguementative. I am not talking about RL, I am talking about the issue of one creator copying another creator. If creators don't copy there would not be no issues that wouldl lead into RL. The way the SL car is modelled does look just like the GTA Idaho. The original GTA car is a parody of a real life 1970's Chevrolet Caprice. The GTA Idaho just look similar to the real car at a glance but doesn't have the exact same features. This SL car is clearly modelled after the GTA version not the rl Chevrolet version. The structure and the position of the features of the SL car is too similiar to the GTA car. My guess is that the SL creator used pictures of the GTA model as a background image for reference when modelling the car and refined the details. But by adding a few different texture and tweaking the small details a little, he's getting away with it. That's my point. The skin example is to point out that if a skin 'creator' should not be allowed to make a skin that looks very similiar to a famous skin (with some minor changes that doesn't make the skin look different than the famous skin) then neither should this car be allowed because it still looks just like the GTA car even though there are some small changes. You wrote: "One can make a character that is somewhat similar" That is not up to you to decide. This is the reason why people/companies can sue if they want to. -end-
  21. I'm not talking about RL at all. Not about fashion or a dress. Just look if the original GTA car was made in SL by a SL creator (i know it's not, but just take as an example) then the second car was made by another SL creator after he's seen the first car. If both cars were made in SL by SL creators and sold in SL, surely customers would prefer the second car with improved details. This applies to everything that is made in SL (sculpts, furniture, clothes, houses, everything). Another example, if a creator makes a skin that has become popular, then another creator makes a skin that looks practically the same as the original but add more details to it and calls it their own. This has happened before and it was not ok. If it is ok, then why not just make a skin that looks just like a Curio skin but add more defining shadows to it and sell it. Or take a unique furniture design that was made in sculpt by one creator, remake it in mesh and sell it as your own. Look at the very first question in the mesh tutorial upload quiz: Daniel is a very talented artist. He is also a huge movie fan. Daniel made a 3D model that looks just like a character from his favorite movie and want to use it as an avatar in Second Life. Can Daniel upload his 3D model as a mesh and use it for his Second Life avatar? Everyone should know the answer to that. Now referring to this situation: ______ is a very talented artist. He is also a huge GTA fan. ______ made a 3D model that looks just like a car from his favorite GTA series and want to use it as an toy/decoration in Second Life. Can ______ upload his 3D model as a mesh and use it for his Second Life toy/decoration? Plain logic. In a funny way, it is like karma for a car from GTA to get stolen lol but on the serious side, creators should just stay away from copying.
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