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  1. I use viewer 2. I want to make my own day cycle and have tried. I've looked for tutorials on this and every single one is by a firestorm user. even Torley Linden's. Exactly what is the deal with this? Why are there no viewer 2 tutorials from the Lindens? I used the Firestorm viewer for a while. It's not as great as everybody makes it out to be. Someone from LL or a viewer 2 user that knows how to make a day cycle please message me inworld. Only Viewer2 users.
  2. get IM's from the alts created for that MMOOK and I've been sending in abuse reports for over a year. I block them and report but in a month another alt pops up to send me spam. I've tried finding inworld help to report it but there are no Lindens inworld. I would call the concierge line but a certain staff member will just tell me I'm not a premium member and SLAM THE PHONE DOWN ON ME AGAIN! My point is this; If you are a free member then no matter how many Abuse Reports you file Linden Labs will do absolutely nothing to help you. EVER! good luck and you find a way to deal with it let me know
  3. I'm member of the vampiric nations. one course of action is to wear a garlic necklace. you wear the necklace, click it for menu and select activate then detach. the shielding is forever. another course of action is to petition Bloodlines itself via a notecard to Noire Luminos. This may only get you the same answer I previously stated but you can try and do not forget to mention the name of the one who bit you.
  4. i use the avsitter device, previously with no problems, past few days setting couples' poses is not working, one or both animations are being distorted.
  5. i have been trying to get support for a basic account and i am told to go to the website and there is no support there it keeps telling me to go to answers and forums and blogs. now how do i file a support ticket?
  6. where do i find specifically a HUD building class. not a pre-made HUD to stick random purchased animations but complete HUD building.
  7. viewer 3.2,3.3 the IM windows are at the top not the bottom, i want at the bottom and also the inventoryare thrown outside the taoggle bars how do i make then inside like on viewer two?
  8. i am using viewer3.1 and in the preview it seems to work fine until i save it and then its night or noon i've tried various settings and even the region/estate and none work...it seems that linden labs encourages you to use viewers that they will not support and will not create nor update the do support.
  9. i downloaded viewer 3.2.1 and firstly the IM windows are still being put at the top. secondly it throws all other windows to the center of the screen. you went progessively worse with this update instead of an update it was a stand still please don't post an update unless it is an update. voice services are not compatable with any TPV forcing me to stay with slviewer just to talk , either make all voice services compatable with the TPVs or make the SL viewer work the way it was...back-dating won't work either...viewer development team responses only...sorry to all others:matte-motes-crying:
  10. the instant message windows are at the top..how do i get them back to the bottom right position?
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