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  1. So I finally settled with the Bazar Stockholm bed. Thank you all for helping! ❤️
  2. Thank you for your kind words ❤️. The clothing rack is from Dustbunny. I love it! Even though there is nothing minimalistic about it haha. Happy decorating!
  3. Hi guys, Here are pics from my boathouse which mostly has an Asian-minimalist styling. This is my first ever attempt to decorate a virtual home lol. Disclaimer: I mainly got a boathouse to create a cosy mer (underwater) spot but ended up decorating the mainhouse too 😆 1. Ze Boathouse! 2. The Underwater spot - with playable harp to set the mood 😉 3. Boathouse porch viewing inside 4. Boathouse from the inside (far end) 5. Boathouse dinning area 6. Boathouse bedroom/bathroom and view outside My house is also a part of the Bellisseria Parade of Homes. So if you have their HUD you can TP here to check it yourself 😁
  4. That link doesnt work (invalid parcel) but thanks anyway! I will try searching by the brand name
  5. I know! I love their Peacock bed (╯✧ ∇ ✧)╯ ! Gosh, I really need to make a decision soon haha. Thanks anniepany
  6. Its not even 7 pm here (Melbourne) haha I have tried the Stockholm one! It is on top of my list at the moment. I will check that OBD one as well! Thanks again Hope this is not keeping you awake
  7. All good Resi and oh I totally understand why some of us would not want blankets but I just wanted the option. Maybe it increases prim counts? Idk. It is certainly not incorporated in the newer beds (that I know of) and to make things more interesting, I could only find related forum discussions with brand names back from 2011-13 during my research! That's why I thought to ask the fine people of SL forum to get an update
  8. Thanks heaps ananoelle! I am going to check them inworld
  9. I do and my avatar too, or at least I want her to True, but it seems like I am not 'most' people. Besides, I want the blanket option as there are many other spots in my place for voyeuristic purposes I apologise in advance as I am not trying to point fingers. I simply named the brands because I have bought other things from them and have had a look at their beds but mostly I did it so we don't have to go over them in case someone comments..."I have never tried but I heard _____ makes beds...", etc. I hope I am making sense
  10. Hi guys, So, I have come across some great looking beds but I cannot find a lot of options when it comes to beds with sleep animations that actually are under a blanket? I have come across Bazar, Loft & Aria, Bellarose and Xplicit. All of these have great beds with sleep-under-blanket animations but I feel I need to see more before I cough up $500-$1200 (or more). It is a shame though that some other beds that actually look great but do not have sleep under blankets animations like Nutmeg, Zerkalo, Concept, Tarte, Trompe Loeil, Primpossible, Ariskea, Pilot and Mudhoney. Wondering if anyone knows other furniture makers who incorporate such animations? I do not mind PG or Adult. Thanks in advance! Andie
  11. Ooh, thanks! They look great! Going to buy them coz why not haha
  12. I figured it out! Forum Moderator, please close this post 😁
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