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  1. I too have discovered this using FS. Worse though was the hilarious discovery that my sunglasses (with built-in facelight) were producing reflections when there were no light sources in the scene.
  2. It's really coming apart for me as well!
  3. The East River Community Rocks!!!! Some of the most realistic builds in all Second Life.Two rivers wtih river walks on both sides, parks, several towns, galleries, an airport, Linden roads at the perimeter, really nice beaches, marinas, and great rentals in which to live. There is culture here versus the solitutde of a sterile and lonely tropical island. Those are nice to visit, but I wouldn't want to live there. The only thing missing, that I can see, is a rail line for trains Come check it out - you may be pleasantly surprised. Lag? What lag?
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