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  1. It is a real pity.... On one hand we are managing to have new people in, but the numbers and the time they spend in-world reduces. It only makes sense if people is leaving at the same rate as they come in. After they changed the names of the avatars to the generic family "Resident" (argghhhh.... horrible decision), we see more and more newbies. And less and less of the "old SL clans". I am going to be 2 y.o in SL.... and I still remember my first experiences here. The first thing knobs look for is simple: money and cool looks. Where to get the money? No shops is no work; create something, and no place where to sell it; If you have no money, where can I build a little hut that I can call home? Because I want to do the same things I do also at home.... Ok... cool look then, market place looks a solution. But fomenting Marketplace is destroying the shops in-world. It cost less to the creators to place them in MP than in SL: no costs for models, cool attractive buildings, and rent/buy (rent at the end) a piece of land -that can be vandalized by a neighbor with poor taste at least. So, less shops, less inversion in public places... and now that I have a kinda-cool-look... what to do? In that moment 2nd phase tigers: you learn about the viewers issues, the possibilities that Linden is on sale, that your hard earned $ (even in activities that you would even dare to dream to do in RL) are value zero (read TOSS), and that Linden at the end owns everything in SL... What the F I am doing here? SL has grown out the wish of making money fast on it. We still remember the land sales boom and the 1st $L Millionaire (and the way used to do so). A big stunt... Still some people comes here for that gold rush... What we miss?? Internal democracy: from the planning of the new land (anyone in SL has a clue on Geography?), give land to those who work it (town council structure may be?), clarity and assurance from LL on a minimal set of securities and personal data protection, job legislations (no more bot: put real avatars)... At the end, leave SL for the inhabitants, act like a "federal government" and less like God (i.e.. grab taxes on incomes and not a flat tax on everybody) and push for a real world economy (market place reduced a mere billboard with freebies). Less God more Governance... P.S. Sorry for my extensive post
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