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  1. Thank you I was hoping it would work but my laptop is not capable enough from what you described. I’m going to install it on my Mac Mini and move my entire desktop to a more user-friendly room than where it is now. I hope the Mac-mini is capable of running it. Thanks again
  2. I haven’t been here in five years. I want to re-join. Does my laptop have enough resources to be in Second Life? MacBook air 13 inch mid 2013 Processor 1.3 GHz Intel core i5 Memory: 4 GB 1600 MHz DDR3 Graphics: Intel HD graphics 5000 1536 MB 128GB Hard drive Thanks.
  3. I don't want to get email notices from some sellers, but still want them from others. How do I remove the seller when I am no longer in her group? And she doesn't really have a group. Just a small SL presence so she can sell only on the marketplace.
  4. Very helpful link with all the details needed to be sure you're buying the right new iMac. (I am and I did!) Thanks!
  5. TY 4 the Lisp Bazaar lead. I found the paper lamps I've been looking for, forever!
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