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  1. Olá Lunna, Imagino o que vc está passando, pois eu fiquei 3 dias com o mesmo problema. Tenho um post aqui no forum onde reclamo do mesmo e dou até detalhes de tudo oque eu fiz pra tentar resolver... só que não resolveu. Mas eu acabo de ver que eu estou conseguindo acessar o MP novamente, então eu acredito que vc tenha que esperar mesmo, como aconteceu comigo. No máximo em uns 3 dias estará tudo normal. Por algum motivo os meus browsers ficaram loucos qdo eu tentei acessar a página do MP mas no fim está tudo certo! Espero que fique tudo certo pra vc tb aí! Boa sorte, Mellanie Adamski __________________________________ UPDATE: 14/10 Bem, só deixando a observacão aqui de que, agora consig acessar o MP mas as paginas dos produtos ficam todas desconfiguradas, pelo menos no Chrome. No Edge (Windows 10) elas aparecem normaizinhas.
  2. Hey there, Though I've been reading other posts here which had some similarity with the issues I'm experiencing, nothing seems to help or reflect the exact problem I'm having to access Marketplace website. I can't, by any means, access Marketplace page on my pc ... It's getting crazy and I will try to describe what's happening. Firstly, I'm using an orginal Windows 10 on my pc (with all the security updates ok), I'm trying to access the page through all my browsers here: Chrome 45.0.2454.101 , Microsoft Edge 20.10240.16384.0 and Mozilla Firefox 40.0.3 and also Internet Explorer 11.0.10240.16431 All of them up to date. I can access normally from my Microsoft Surface pro and also from my Windows Phone (though on this one, it delays a lot to load but it works). We checked everything such as if the computer date was up to date (because we know that there are certificate errors when the clock and date are not correctly configured) and also the browsers certificates. We even checked the firewall, restarted our modem and finally we decided to install a paid and better antivirus (Eset). Nothing helped. Then my husband had the idea of getting the IP of the Marketplace website through command prompt and then it shows a message saying that the connection and certificates points to another website and that it was not a secure connection. Detail is that, specifically on Chrome, when I try to acess the page, it says that the page got "unresponsive" and it shows the options to wait or kill the page (I always choose to wait but nothing really happens) while with the other browsers, after writting the adress and hitting enter the page just got all blank. Again, I can open the page normally in the Surface Pro, the Windows Phone and also I can normally open while I'm inworld (through the viewer's internal browser). Detail: I'm not a premium user, I'm not having any account problems, issues or pending payments with Linden Lab at all. I can login normally to my SL accounts through Firestorm, that means that I'm totally ok with Linden Lab. So that is pretty weird huh. I've read others issues about not getting to connect to Marketplace page but they don't reflect at all the level of issues I'm having here, so I'd appreciate immensely if anyone could suggest anything or proccedure to take. Sincerely, Mellanie Adamski ______________________________ UPDATE: Now I got to acess Marketplace again, it seems that many people are experiencing the same problem around the world, but in my case I got it fixed in 3 days. I hope you have luck and get it to work again soon! Thanks for answering my post! ;)
  3. Hey there, I still cant find the link to open a ticket... I'm so frustrated because I have lost all my outfits and MANY items disappeared. I've been away from SL for approx 5 months, and when I came back that's what happened. Let's see what happens... =(
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