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  1. Heey, sorry about not being on for a couple of days. How about tomorrow when I'll be on?
  2. What are the breast's called? Maybe I can find it in the Marketplace. Somehow.
  3. I think I found we're Foxbean Laboratories are. Here's the url It's called ''Pheadra''.
  4. Oh.. I thought Foxbean was there. :L
  5. Are the Foxbean Laboratories here? (sl link) I found the link on this site
  6. Aww, thank you. :} (I'm sorry for changing the font & color all the time. But it's fun! lol)
  7. I left her a message but I don't think she's been really active lately. I think she won't respond.
  8. I'll try out something. Maybe it'll work.
  9. I tried searching some tutorials.. NOTHING. I don't think contacting the creator would help.
  10. When I click on it, I get the top just appears and disappears and I get the ''scale'' stuff. With 1+ or -
  11. I know what a HUD is and no. :[ It has no HUD. And I didn't try standing on a posestand.. It has instructions´╗┐. It says the following: 1) Simply wear the preferred size/shape boobs, Adjust the position and size as Desired. (Avatars are many in size and form, there is no right or wrong way to fit) I recommend seting your graphic preferences to max for mesh detail 2) Choose a skin tone and apply the texture to each boob. (please remember to edit the parts individually by choosing "Edit linked") 3) Fine tune the skin tone with tint if necessary. (please remember to edit the parts individually by choosing "Edit linked") 4) Click the Sculptie Tube Top to hide and again to unhide. 5) Also wear the optional Under-boob shadow (shirt) to add additional shading. I've included the texture maps(full permission) for further customizing such like painting shaders, tattoos, matching and continuing fabric. The boobs are beautiful and and the SL limitations are no obstacle. Be free and enjoy your Erotic fantasies! Crumb Camel It does say ''Fine tune the skin tone with tint if necessary.'' but there is no tint.
  12. Any way to change coloorr? QoQ Also, these are the ones I bought
  13. Aw, man.. If I only heard for those BEFORE I bought these. I don't have any lindens & I won't be able to buy them so soon. But, Is there ANY way to change the color to my skin color.. any? D:
  14. They're called ''Big Beautiful Boobs''. I bought it for 300L$. They have a description, but it doesn't have those tinting balls or stuff. Just 3 breasts (by size), description & that's it.
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