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  1. The Jury is clearly out, it has cut my sales in half and does not seem to have anything to to do with best selling and the the list of suggestions that appear as you search must have been compiled by a robot...have we been given any guidence regarding this, something I may have missed?...should I claim my traditional fountain to a be steampunk fountain for instance
  2. Iam not getting a purchase notification email when I sell something, I have it selectted in my settings but for some reason they stopped coming through a few days ago and I can't see why. Can anyone shed some light on this? and thanks for the reply honored helper but yes I have checked my spam folder...not sure what isp website is. I have been getting those emails for years seems to odd they should just stop...
  3. Every time I make a sale I normally recieve a purchase notification email, these stopped two days ago, I have it selected in my account, anyone know why?
  4. What is going on? Surely this is not a finished update, I can't choose a date period or just a day, the listings are all out of sequence, it only downloads 30 days when I ask for a week...is there anywhere we can ask for some kind of response?
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