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  1. I'm looking for active clubs or other hangouts where half-humanoids like nekos/cat-people, fauns/satyrs, etc are either frequent visitors or (better yet, if it exists) the norm or theme of the place....but not furry clubs, I've found plenty of those already! :) Just looking for places where my typically non-human appearance won't be quite so unusual or uncommon, thanks for any tips!
  2. I don't know specifically what their stance is on breedables (so you might want to check with Ping Sixpence or Jill Forzane before renting), but Sixpence Rentals has very competitive land rates -- typically only about 1L per prim. You can see what parcels they currently have available for rent at their HQ here: http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Innu/244/131/40
  3. Yeah, I noticed the 'Reset Scripts' button, but it's greyed out -- presumably because the chair is no-mod (though it's strange that an owner can't even simply reset scripts in an object...). I suppose I'll just have to wait for the creator's response, which will hopefully come soon!
  4. I own a GGH Bean Bag Chair for Couples, and up until recently it worked fine with letting two different people right-click and sit together on it in various couple poses. However, I tried it today, and when the second person tried to sit down as usual, it gave the 'No room to sit here, try another spot' error. There is no Restart option in the menu, so I'm a bit lost as to how I can otherwise 'reset' the chair to allow 2 people to sit together again. I've sent a notecard to the creator, but any suggestions would be much appreciated!
  5. No, no issues of that sort. I don't use my alt nearly as often as my main, and my main is able to pay just fine.
  6. My alt is currently unable to pay others. I have tried paying both myself and someone else with my alt, as well as trying to pay my tip jar object, but even though it gives a payment pop-up, it never goes through. I've tried recreating the bridge and clearing the cache and that hasn't solved the issue either. Anyone have any ideas about what could be wrong, or how to fix it? Are there any known payment issues going on in SL right now, or is this something that's going to require a support ticket? EDIT: Never mind, issue randomly sorted itself out after a couple of hours.
  7. MultiScene Skybox Rentals might be of interest to you: http://multiscene.mine.nu/
  8. Dream is more than just a club. It's a combination of a club and a roleplay area where we hope to bring all walks of Second Life together. We want to encourage humans, nekos, furries, elves, fairies, and fantasy creatures of all kinds to join us in our celebration! We strive to create an environment that is friendly, happy, and above all, welcoming to everyone that arrives to our Dream. We hold several live events every week, with interesting themes and rewarding contests for both staff and visitors alike! Our desire is to fill our club with friendly company and a talented variety of staff members. We all log on to have fun, so we want to make Dream a place where everyone comes to enjoy themselves, and possibly make some Lindens as well! ~~~~~ Currently hiring DJs, Dancers, Hosts, and Escorts! Whether you've got an extensive music library of various genres, are skilled in exotic performances that tease and titillate, or just enjoy being friendly and talking to everyone, we'd love to have you on our team! Please come visit us in-world and pick up an application. If you have any questions, or want to turn in an application in person, contact either Verbena Demonia or Azrin Terasaur. Hope to see you soon! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dream%20Realm/142/13/32
  9. Angels & Demons themed contest tonight from 7-9PM at Dream Fantasy Club! Live DJ, sexy dancers, sploders, and lots of friendly company! Currently hiring all positions as well, so feel free to pick up an application while you're here! All are welcome - humans, nekos, furries, elves, and everything in between! Come join us! http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Dream%20Realm/142/13/32
  10. Due to some circumstances beyond my control, I may be in need of a new place to rent soon. If any land owners have any small parcels (256sqm) available, please let me know! EDIT: New land found.
  11. Some quick googling resulted in the name ChubekoKoneko Keiko: https://my.secondlife.com/chubekokoneko.keiko
  12. I am having trouble with saving my adjusted default positions in a build using MLPV2.5c, and was wondering if anyone more experienced with it might be able to help. I am able to pull up the adj-default menu just fine and rez and move the poseballs, but when I attempt to save the new positions (either by selecting 'Save Pos' under Options or switching to a different animation, which the tutorial says will auto-save), it doesn't work and new animations revert to the original default positions rather than the one I set. Occasionally I get a stack-heap collision error when I try Save Position, but not always...but if this is the source of the error, what could be wrong? I don't have a ton of animations installed, so is there a way I can test to see what it is that might be causing the error? Could it have something to do with the object I am using it with? I don't have any issues saving other animation positions, just the default positions. Any suggestions as to how to get the new default positions to save as desired? Can I manually change the numbers in the .POSITIONS notecard? If so, what specifically is it looking for there, in terms of coordinates? EDIT: Managed to do a go-around by just pasting the coordinates of another position I had saved -- not perfect, but it fixed the problem enough for my purposes.
  13. Looking for some cheap skybox land rental. Ideally, I'd like to pay ~1L per prim. I only need about 50-58 prims and 256sqm. Let me know about your rental space if this applies to you - thanks! :)
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