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  1. there were some changes made to group properties recently, which have resulted in issues with leaving groups. you are on an older viewer, and this is a known issue on older viewers. see here for more info: https://jira.secondlife.com/browse/BUG-9428 . Updating your viewer will allow you to leave groups.
  2. It sounds as though you are planning to make an entirely new account, as any avatar you have for your original account will automatically have all of your inventory, your friends lists, etc. Many people have numerous avatars for the same account, and use the different avatars for different things. As another person said, there is no reason to create an entirely new account because of a messed up avatar. You should actually be able to go back to the original shape of the avatar in many cases and start over. But at the very least, you can find either freebie modifyable shapes out there, or b
  3. I use Paypal from my checking account. In order to use it you have to move the money from the account it is being drawn from into your paypal account first. That often takes several days. Then once the money is there it should be easy to use it to pay for Lindens.
  4. I am curious why this bug is only affecting some people and not others. I am still invisible to most of my friends because changing them one by one in the web profiles is a pain in the butt.... but no one else i know personally has been affected by this bug. Was i just in the wrong place at the wrong time, or what? It did start affecting me not long after i installed and started using the new Firestorm viewer, but plenty of others i know use Firestorm and are not affected by this bug. Is there any rhyme or reason about who is affected by the bug?
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