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  1. I made 3 attepmts to gain access to Unpackistan and was told all three times I would have to become a premium member to gain access. Linden just lost someone who was going to become a premium member, my partner has agreed with me that he will not either due to this problem. I have multiple people telling me that they were not paying members when they needed access to that sim. This is just awful when you have to pay to get any form of support, really is making me second guess even being a part of the community and considering I've been a member for almost 4 years and have never made any requests for help...it's just incredible.:matte-motes-angry:
  2. Oh gee Void thanks for the exploitation :matte-motes-big-grin-wink: no worries it's ok. I've seen so many other posts and I googled it and so many things came up I hope they do something about it, besides those dragons are ones that I have bred as well as some rarer ones I have bought! I hate to think of spending the money I earn working in SL on something to only lose it like this.
  3. Yeah that's what I thought, I reopened the ticket and if I don't get anywhere with it I will open a new one, but there's really no category for this issue. I end up having to put it in one that has no bearing on the issue whatsoever.
  4. I'm just concerned because the ticket has been answered once already and I had to reopen it they denied me help stating that this was not something I could get as a basic member. That I had to be a premium member to get this help. Now don't get me wrong with as much as I play and having as many dragons and horses as I do, my partner and I are both going premium as soon as we have extra cash to spare. But right now that's not happening. I just don't think it's a good marketing practice for the support team to say "sorry we can't help you, you're not paying us" when all I need is just 10 minutes in that sim. I'm worried now that I'm going to have to wait to get into that sim and it makes me less inclined to even bother with being a premium member and my partner is saying the same thing.
  5. I was told to post here to see if I could possibly find someone who can help me with my issue, I recently cleared a bunch (20-30) of my dragons off a piece of land I rent and I cannot rez them, I get the messege "Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region." I have been told all I need is access to the sim called Unpackistan so I can rez the coalesced box there. It contains the dragons, food, staff of jewels and a few fence decorative pieces. I have submitted a ticket but have not gotten very far with that. My ingame name is Kestrel Llewellyn if anyone in the support team can help me. I will be on about 4-5 am SLT and again at 3:30 PM SLT, but if you send me an NC I should get it in my email alert Please and Thank you Kestrel
  6. I did use a basic ticket, but there was no category for this particular issue so I used "account creation" and made the note that I only did so because there was no other appropriate ticket category. I specifically asked for access to Unpackistan.
  7. I am also having this problem and have followed the suggestions that were put forth in this thread, I requested access to Unpackistan and they said because I am a basic member they cannot help me. I have over 20 dragons in the package that I am having issues with, it's a coalesced package, no there are no plants. I have tried to rez this even on an empty magnum server that my boss owns to no avail. Does anyone know if I'm going to be out of luck unless I pay LL for a premium membership? I wanted to pay an entire year and don't quite have the money for it yet, I'd hate to waste money and only get a month...
  8. Ok, so I rezzed my queen egg and then when I clicked it I got this Can't rez object 'WD-Bregon QueenS' because the parcel is too full. Next thing I know, my queen egg IS GONE! I looked all over, lost n found, trash other spots...even my bregon locator! NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  9. That I got val, I said both of us, not 2 on one account.
  10. hmmm thanks guys! If anyone knows how we'd be able to get hold of that group let me know, this is my avatar name in game as well. Only other thing I could think of was use the second house as a place to keep our dragons and horses that we're getting ready to breed. It is allowed to keep breedables there right?
  11. If both my partner and I have a premium account and we don't want to use the second house...can we rent out the extra one?
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