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  1. I actually dont have any Linden plant at all in my build. What I have been able to understand is that if your coalasced object have altogether more than 1024 scripts then it won't rezz... I'm almost sure that I might have well more than that number of script. Can someone confirm that for me? I have been on a sim where it allows to rezz Linden plant, the sim is name Hawk-something but I have not been able to rezz anything. Next lead I might have is to request access to the sim Unpackistan through Linden support so that I can unpack my stuff there... ticket filled and now I'm crossing fingers that they won't take weeks to fulfill this request... or worse, reject it :matte-motes-stress: Keep your input coming people... any piece of info/help is really the welcome
  2. Greetings, I'm having a terrible problem that is plaguing me. I'll try to give as much detail as I want. I am currently building a structure but so far I've only set out the prims (which makes up the structure) and inside the structure I've place numerous vendors (should be above 100). The whole things is around 500 prims if I'm not mistaken. In the structure there is nothing else but the prims I build and those vendor for the moment. I use sandbox to create my stuff and after I'm done with building, I SELECT ALL the prims and then I just right click and TAKE the item to my inventory which packs them all into a single item. But today I have been having a terrible problem to rezz it. On the same sandbox I have been building for the last few days, I've been having this following message each time I try to rezz the said item: [08:57] Unable to create item that has caused problems on this region My main problem is that I've pack quite a number of no-copy items and now I can't even rezz it at all... which is quite an inconvenience right now. So please, if anyone can shed some light about this matter, it would be of a great help for me. I've spend quite sometime to build all this and not be able to rezz it is a bit of a frustration because of the fact that if I decided to start from scratch, its going to cost me a lot and I will not be able to rebuild this thing exactly how I have already do... So... help anyone? Kisses Edit: I have try to rezz it in several different sims (mostly sandboxes) but everytime its the same thing...
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