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  1. you dont understand man code if a women becomes partnered... ie...virtually married it aint cool to hang out with her anymore - its respect men give each other of couse scumbag men dont care - but those types of men are not the majority
  2. sassy can u tell me what that dance is called and who makes it? looks awesome
  3. i know a woman who was married to a man in sl for two years madly in love with him then one day he sent her a rl pic and she was discusted.... he was 15 years older than her.... she kept trying to picture him as his avatar but it didnt work, she kept seeing the rl pic in her mind so she dumped him
  4. translation: looking for a man to give me money? like a 50"s housewife?... oh that never works out!
  5. wow amazing post love it! my only advice is we all create our experiences together - why were u in a sex sim? u think nice men would be there? also, second life is a relationship role playing game for some - never forget its a game - more than a game? thats up to the people involved life is good and bad experiences, the world is made up of good and bad people and everything in between, the question is what are you creating in this world, how much of your experience is caused by you and your choices and actions? all u need is love - john lennon
  6. its like the be here now book by ram dass never knew who painted those wonderful paintings before thx!
  7. good luck in uwa machinma contest nice work matching voiceswith penguin animation!
  8. Open relationships never work long term. Humans are hard wired to feel bad if somebody they deeply love is messing around with and off being intimate with others. If you do find some examples that “seem” to work, its because the people involved really don’t care about each other all that much.
  9. if a guy is giving u money/things he will want something of value in return !
  10. they exist but id say are rare try looking in spiritual themed sims
  11. Lying to people who ask you what you are in real life is wrong. But yea lots will lie cause they are getting something out of the lying. Good clues a female in second life is really a man in real life. #1 States they are lesbian in profile and will only date women. #2. Has a sexy name like: Sexybabe, lacenstuff, boodacioustatas etc #3 Has a male name like: Thomasracer, racecars, mikendakken etc #4 Is way into sex and trys to seduce you within the first 24 hours of meeting you #5 Dresses very slutty or half nakid #6. Refuses to talk on voice My guess is about 90% of "lesbians" in second
  12. There are actually karmic outcomes to all choices. You hurt others in anyway it may come back to you. So yes you can do anything you want, but then some effects of that you won't have chosen and may not be fun.
  13. Can you imagine being with your partner and making love or talking and having some guy roleplaying a dog sitting there watching and listening? lol
  14. if my patner wanted to rp with another dood rping a dog.... yea i'd break up with them.. thats creepy and cheating
  15. Maybe the neighbor girl was actually the real life husband of his second life wife and the real life husband made a female alt neighbor girl in order to seduce his real life wifes second life husband in order to break them up as he wanted babies in real life and the prim ones his real life wife had with her second life husband fullfilled her needs for babies and so he was mad.
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