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  1. you dont understand man code if a women becomes partnered... ie...virtually married it aint cool to hang out with her anymore - its respect men give each other of couse scumbag men dont care - but those types of men are not the majority
  2. sassy can u tell me what that dance is called and who makes it? looks awesome
  3. i know a woman who was married to a man in sl for two years madly in love with him then one day he sent her a rl pic and she was discusted.... he was 15 years older than her.... she kept trying to picture him as his avatar but it didnt work, she kept seeing the rl pic in her mind so she dumped him
  4. translation: looking for a man to give me money? like a 50"s housewife?... oh that never works out!
  5. wow amazing post love it! my only advice is we all create our experiences together - why were u in a sex sim? u think nice men would be there? also, second life is a relationship role playing game for some - never forget its a game - more than a game? thats up to the people involved life is good and bad experiences, the world is made up of good and bad people and everything in between, the question is what are you creating in this world, how much of your experience is caused by you and your choices and actions? all u need is love - john lennon
  6. its like the be here now book by ram dass never knew who painted those wonderful paintings before thx!
  7. good luck in uwa machinma contest nice work matching voiceswith penguin animation!
  8. Open relationships never work long term. Humans are hard wired to feel bad if somebody they deeply love is messing around with and off being intimate with others. If you do find some examples that “seem” to work, its because the people involved really don’t care about each other all that much.
  9. if a guy is giving u money/things he will want something of value in return !
  10. they exist but id say are rare try looking in spiritual themed sims
  11. Lying to people who ask you what you are in real life is wrong. But yea lots will lie cause they are getting something out of the lying. Good clues a female in second life is really a man in real life. #1 States they are lesbian in profile and will only date women. #2. Has a sexy name like: Sexybabe, lacenstuff, boodacioustatas etc #3 Has a male name like: Thomasracer, racecars, mikendakken etc #4 Is way into sex and trys to seduce you within the first 24 hours of meeting you #5 Dresses very slutty or half nakid #6. Refuses to talk on voice My guess is about 90% of "lesbians" in second life are men in real life. Watch out for real life women playing male avatars as well and dating and marrying women. Lots of those too. Oh and rl gay men rping females in sl... the list goes on and on lol.
  12. There are actually karmic outcomes to all choices. You hurt others in anyway it may come back to you. So yes you can do anything you want, but then some effects of that you won't have chosen and may not be fun.
  13. Can you imagine being with your partner and making love or talking and having some guy roleplaying a dog sitting there watching and listening? lol
  14. if my patner wanted to rp with another dood rping a dog.... yea i'd break up with them.. thats creepy and cheating
  15. Maybe the neighbor girl was actually the real life husband of his second life wife and the real life husband made a female alt neighbor girl in order to seduce his real life wifes second life husband in order to break them up as he wanted babies in real life and the prim ones his real life wife had with her second life husband fullfilled her needs for babies and so he was mad.
  16. See some women lie about being married real life. This one didn't confess she was married until 1:50 in this video.
  17. I don't get what the problem is. You cheated and your sl wife didn't like it and left you. You should not have had any other girlfriends. If you wanted friends, hang out with other guys and go build or something. Good luck finding a wife that wants a guy who fools around with other women. You can do anything you want but don't expect other people to go along with it. You broke rules wife had so live with it. You are not what she wants in a man. Life is about choices and consequences of those choices. You never had to talk to the neighbor or answer her IM's. Those were all choices you made.
  18. I'm amazed a lot of women: can't leave the house or be in public without painting their face like a clown have to shave off most of their natural body hair to feel like a woman use mens over active sex drive to get money out of them I'm amazed a lot of men: pay women for sexually arousing them when they can arouse themselves for free believe women who use them for money have any real feelings for them allow their sex drives to control them instead of controlling it
  19. Both people in these things use each other to "get off." But yea some can just be getting off on all the attention from the opposite sex which makes them feel special.
  20. yea don't think the term "perv" should have been applied to men who desire pics and web cam time... That's just natural for men it's a billion dollar industry providing such things for men - men are visual but yea that don't mean you have to provide it - in rl relationships men can see and talk to you - in virtual ones they try to get as close to that as they can - its a substitute for real thing perhaps women are happy with just romantic talk and mental images and men want visuals? seems to be true in my experience
  21. SL is full of real people. If you don't want real life involments in your sexual fantasies, play them in a computer game like sims where you are not interacting with real people. Every avatar in SL is played by a real person. There no way to keep RL out of SL. That's obvious isn't it? Everything an avatar does and says, true or not, is a real person with real feelings and emotions. Even if you managed to find somebody who wanted to know zero about real life, you are still interacting with a real person and affecting them in profound ways. In fact, if your real life husband saw your chat logs and listened in on your phone calls and read your texts they would be affected as well I'm sure. The relationships in SL are real whether the details about the person are known or not or if they are all lies. If they wern't, why would anybody find pleasure and stimuation from them? If you disclose zero about real life, I doubt anybody would want to talk to you long. But yea you can lie and make up a real life to keep somebody interested. But yea they will be mad when they find out you lied to them! Like I said, all SL relastionships involve real feelings and emotions.
  22. I'd never be with a so called "girlfriend" or "boyfriend" if they had a need to get attention from other potential partners. The fact she does it on a alt means she don't want them to tell you what she is doing. And you said this alt is "single." What's that supposed to mean? She can be partnered up on one avatar and single on another? Looks to me like she is playing a "game" and having fun and don't take your relationship as serious at all. It's just a role she is playing on that avatar,
  23. Well yea jealousy can sometimes be a very negative thing. Like the examples cited of the mistress hunting down the spouse. But all of this could be prevented in the first place by the cheating husband. If the “husband“ explained to the wife and mistress before the relationship started what he would be doing, then all parties could make an intelligent informed decision if they wanted to be involved. If you don’t want somebody to get jealous, explain up front what you are offering as far as behaviors. Like, “I’m going to run around and be with whoever I want whenever I want. I want to use you to entertain me when no others are available. When they are available, I want you to go away and not bug me.” That sums up what some people want I think.
  24. Another example. You invite two people over for dinner. Guest A hates tomatoes and guest B loves them. You decide to serve tomatoes for dinner and Guest A gets mad and leaves. Did you cause this reaction? Yes, because if you served something else the reaction would not have happened. But while you are the cause of the negative reaction, what the negative reaction is, is wholly out of your control. So you may cause a reaction of jealousy by behaviors, but what a person does with that jealousy is up to them. Jealousy is basically a bad feeling that comes from being attached to another human being and being threatened you may lose a part of, or wholly, what you are attached to. Really the more you are attached to something, the less you want to share it with others. The more fear is involved about losing it. If you don’t have a strong attachment to something, you really don’t care what happens to it. But yea how jealous a person becomes is based on a lot of factors. Past experience, trust, expectations, desires, etc. It’s a dance between two people. You do create possible jealousy in another person by giving them something they become attached to. If you never give them something in the first place, they can never be afraid of losing it.
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