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  1. Still conducting experiments, but something still just isn't right..or at least like it used to be. Will post as I gather more info.
  2. In the past, when I would set the stitching to planar (the only kind of sculpt map I can produce), the collision for the sculpted object in question would be a "cube", that matched its bounding box. I used this in several of my builds. I know that the old "None" stitching (which is no longer an option I notice) would give the physical form of a sphere. I never tested the other types of stitching to see how they behaved. But this change is pretty noticeable...unless people stay dead center of my stairs, they are going to fall through what used to be "solid" at the corners.
  3. Hello, 1st: I always generate my sculpts with the "Planar" stitching. So in the past my collision map was basically a cube. But recently I noticed the "collision" edges of my sculpts are gone. After some playing around I was able to determine that the Sculpted Prim now have a collision map of a sphere, regardless of "stitching". But won't this break some old content? I for one had relied on the "Planar" stitching for the 1 Sculpted Prim staircase trick. I was using it for a Sculpted wall in a few houses...whose corners are now gone. I was just wondering if someone knew what had happened, it is a temporary glitch or do I need to pull, and rework where possible, some of my work? Does anyone know what is up with this?
  4. Hmm..seems to be the same for me.... Payment info was good..took the test... Said I was good to go..but I can't load the files. *Shrugs*
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