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  1. This goes out to all ya Lesbian/Bi-sexual girls - sorry boys but this is strictly girls only! I'm the General Manager of the Sapphic City Keyhole Club - we're a Lesbian sex club/hangout club - we have all kinds of lesbian furniture around our spacious cabin and our Worlds Famous Holodeck system - featuring over 4 dozen scenes for your fantasy role play, sexual encounter, bondage fun or partying pleasure! All FREE to use! Every Tuesday night we have a themed party in our holodeck with an AMAZING DJ spinning songs that you don't hear at every single club you go to! Clothing is optional, fun is mandatory! Check us out sometime! We're in Ciarnau - just do a search for the Sapphic City Keyhole Club! (We're not related to the 'other' Keyhole Club that's out there, the "Keyhole" in our name refers to a particular piece of female anatomy! LOL) Our SLURL - http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Ciarnau/123/40/72 Hope to see ya there! This coming week's theme is 60's Woodstock Rock party!
  2. Davis1980 wrote: I am BDSM curious and would like to mainly explore my sub side, though I have a dom side as well (I think that makes me a switch?) I know that the "curious" is going to be a problem for some, as it kind of conflicts with the whole nature of a domme/sub relationship - i.e., doesn't reflect the level of commitment a sub should have for his mistress/domme. Also there is the whole "newbie" thing to get over. But you have to start somewhere I guess. Two questions: (1) What are the differences between a "domme," a "mistress," and a "goddess?" (that's why I posted here instead of starting a new thread.) (2) I've read threads suggesting sims I should check out, and am starting to do so. But are there any in particular that would be good for someone who wants a roleplay a strong personality (my dom side) who maybe isn't a "natural" sub, but is dominated by a very strong mistress? Edit - also, I don't know if this makes me unique, probably not, but part of what I am looking for is a mistress who will take control of my avatar (via RLV or a collar) and force me to do things I wouldn't normally do. I guess that is pretty common in BDSM, if not even an intrinsic part of it, but that "loss of control" is probably the one aspect of the experience that I am most looking for. While I don't dom males - only females - I can answer some of these questions. And the first thing I will say is - find out what role you prefer - some Mistresses will get pissy if you show any Dom side stuff - other's will allow you to explore the Dom side, like you're subserviant to her, but she may allow you to have a sub of your own - it really depends on who you find. Every Mistress is different and every Sub is different. I will say this - be open with your new "owner" a good "owner" will take what makes you excited and run with it. Like with my own subs, I've let a few go and just remained friends with them, because they got tired of the D/S relationship or they weren't really Subs, but 'bottoms'. 1. A domme, mistress and goddess are all basically the same thing - A domme is a female mistress (usually a Dom is male, a Domme is female - why they chose to add an extra me to it... lol) Mistress and Goddess are usually what you call your Domme. Depends on the lady - some prefer Mistress, other's perfer Goddess. I've been called both and it depends on the sub too - or how many she has - some will have certain subs call her Mistress and other's Goddess - or like how my wife and I share our slaves, so when we're both together with our sub, she's Goddess, I'm Mistress (I let her be Goddess because she owns the sim we play in LOL) 2. As for sims in particular - I'd say check out various Femdom places, Gor clubs (if you're into that), and see who you meet. Basically if you go in wearing a collar and cuffs, chances are some Dom/Domme will initiate contact and it's a matter of finding someone you enjoy spending time with. Remember it's not so much the place as it is the person. I've met a lot of Doms/Dommes in my time in SL that really had no business calling themselves Doms, either they were too lax on their subs or just utter douchebags that only serve to make the whole BDSM community look bad. Just do a search and see what has people LOL - even "popular" places can be dead at times. So it's really just look at what traffic that place has in their search. As for the "loss of control" let your new Dom/Domme know that you are turned on by that. If anything, hang out at RLV playgrounds - Southside Snakepit is pretty good - sometimes busy, sometimes slow. Or Public Disgrace, that's usually pretty busy and attracts a lot of doms (And subs) - so if you did want to try your Dom side out, there's usually some **bleep** with her RLV on that would love for you to capture her and play with her. I've met a few subs of my own that way. (Of course I'm looking for girls that say in their profiles that they're into girls or are lesbian/bi) Good luck on your search - and hey remember, even as a sub you're still in control - if you don't like your Dom/Domme, tell them so and leave. But do maintain proper communication with them, nothing will ruin your own rep than by constantly running away from Dom/Dommes and hanging out always looking for a new one. Communicate what your likes or dislikes are and go from there. If they're a good Dom, they'll take it into consideration, if they're just taking in slaves to have slaves to they can brag "I have 39 toy boys" but they never do anything with you - then they aren't for you.
  3. Open Collar or the Dari's Collar stuff will do that - but Open Collar is at least free and probably the most widely used collar system around - I use them with all my subs with minimal issues. Just make sure when you get your open collar, you update it ASAP and install all the plugins. Now with OC you can lock yourself entirely out of the collar and have to do a 'runaway' command to get it back, (or login into regular SL viewer) but if you combo it with a set of open collar cuffs you can lock yourself in place and can't move. Depends on how much restriction you're wlling to place upon yourself. I mean you could get a Dari's house blinder and gag, so that even your hud is blacked out (but why would you not want to see yourself? LOL) The RLV controls in the open collar will control most of your viewer functions too, so you can disable chats/ims, tp, inventory access, ability to stand or sit, or rez objects, name tag block, location block, lock your clothing or lack thereof. Of course be careful where you lock yourself - if you just want to be on display - make sure you're at least in an Adult area - but be prepared for a bunch of people bugging you why you're not available or asking you for sex or whatever. I had a slave girl that enjoyed that, basically self bondaging herself in an RLV playground and basically being passed around like a rag - but you still have to accept animation requests (lame) otherwise you're sitting and the other person is air **bleep**ing. But as a mistress, I've long enjoyed using Open Collar's system and the more you get into it, the more fun it gets. I've locked my girls onto hooks and let them dangle for hours while we talk about them or fire dildos at them from a dildo gun lol
  4. Well are you looking for straight sex or lesbian/gay? Honestly the best sex bed engine I've used, that isn't crippling expensive is the Alina's Animations bed. If you're looking for copy-mod she does charge a bit more, but she makes all/most of the animations herself and it's pretty straightforward to use. I run a lesbian sex club/hangout and we've got her bed engine built into so much stuff LOL. Especially in our holodeck scenes, currently working on a lesbian drive in movie theater scene, using the sex bed engine on the cars. MLP is pretty easy to learn and use, you just have to find all the animations you want to use and not all animations are created equal. Some are very minimal movement some have a lot of movement and look damn realistic. And Alina Graf does stand behind her stuff so if you need it a particular way, she'll do it for you. (She's also a really nice lady and is a personal friend of the club my wife and I run - the Sapphic City Keyhole Club) Just do a search for AlinasAnimations and you should be able to find it easily enough and she is in the Marketplace too, but I'd suggest just going to her shop in world to try things out. (Best to bring a friend!)
  5. Well are you looking to actually RUN a sim or just PLAY on a sim? Because there are a few out there that are pretty much like little cities. If you're amiable to playing with furries and LGBT folks - I RP on a sim that has all of that (My wife and I run the criminal element hehe) called Prideland (do a search there's only one LOL) and we have a PD, Fire Department, EMT, Mafia, all kinds of stuff and more added all the time. Starting up a city sim like that IS expensive. Between buying textures and elements (if you plan to build your own), scripts, vehicles, buildings, not to mention the Tier fees for a full on sim isn't exactly cheap. So you will probably need to make sure you have enough friends and others who DO plan on committing to some financial support. Otherwise, you really are just better off finding a city sim you like and either a) offer to run an element that you like, b) play in that sim My wife and I run a decent sized little club - and even having a "club house" with furniture and other things gets pricey. Because keep in mind, you'll need the prims to build what you waht and make it "Good" - now you can always look into like a Horizons Holodeck system - and just rez things you want -but even so, you still need space and prims to make it sorta work. There are always sims for rent - but will do they have a city with a criminal element... that's kinda doubtful. Chances are you COULD always look into an existing sim that maybe is just sitting around empty. Honestly before my wife and I started our club - I spent a lot of time in other semi-abandoned sims - some with build enabled and played there with some friends.
  6. That WAS a rather interesting story I think one big component that no one has really mentioned about the BDSM slave life/relationship is the Role Play aspect. How good of a writer are you and how good is your potential Dom/Domme? That'll play a HUGE role in both of your enjoyments in the whole thing. If your dom can't write for squat, barely understands how to use your collar, or is just immature about the whole thing... then leave 'em. There are plenty more. Secondly, the ability to craft a scenario and play a character is a must. Remember you're basically playing a character. The little avatar on your screen IS and IS NOT you - it has the life YOU inject into it. You can be as wild as you want to be or as submissive and meek as you want to be. It's really all up to you. If a D/S relationship is something you've always wanted to experience - SL is a good place, it's safer by far - just be smart. Don't skype/cam with someone you don't know. Don't give anyone your personal information. Even if they "own" you. I would even refrain from sending intimate pictures of your real self to them. And always keep primary ownership of your collar until you are BOTH sure you're ready for it. And really - learn how to emote properly. Learn how to express yourself creatively - even if you've got one hand on the keyboard and the other on your privates. The next biggie is - know thyself. What are YOU REALLY LOOKING FOR. Are you looking for a light D/S relationship basically you want the other partner to take the lead. To say 'let's screw' instead of asking. That really makes you more of a bottom than a "Slave" or a "Sub". Trust me, many girls who "think" they're subs are bottoms. A submissive (Sub) will follow commands and basically tries to be there for their owner's needs and wishes. You need to know your limits - if any - many Doms will go as far as they want to until they are told 'no that's far enough'. It's aways a sucky thing when you're telling a sub to bend over for a whipping or a spanking and then they freak out because they had a history of abuse. Or you use some more "Extreme" bondage toy and they're freaking out. Basically know who and what you are. Remember NONE OF THIS IS REAL. IT'S ALL PRETEND! You are not REALLY get raped by a giant squid monster in every oriface. You are NOT really getting run through a pike from crotch to gullet. You are NOT REALLY being called a worthless pile of doggy doo. Now I will say this - for some people it's a good way to work through issues - so don't be afraid to push yourself or let yourself be pushed a little. A good Dom/Domme will be sympathetic and understanding of these needs and work accordingly. And what do you have the time to commit to? It's easy to say - oh take me I'm your's to do whatever you feel like - I'll gladly sit in a cage for you. BUT. How much time do you spend on SL a day? When you're in SL do you have a "job" are you a host or dancer or salesperson? Can you simply spend hours pretty much confined to one 'space'? Or with one person? Are you willing to be in a sexual state while on SL? Many masters pretty much want sex when you are on or at least will want to tease you. I know I like it when I can do that to my own subs. If you're connecting primarily at school or at a coffeeshop or something - can you 'turn off' your libido RL and just do it all mental? Keep in mind as woman, even a mental orgasm is physical - or can be! If you're stimulated to orgasm, CAN YOU!? It's not cool to get all hot and bothered in a public place. Plus you wouldn't want others to see 3D animated naked people having sex.. Now this sounds a lot more complex than it is - but just keep in mind - it's a relationship. A friendship above all else. If you don't like your potential Dom/Domme as a person, then it's not going to work. You'll leave or they will. But before you do something like that talk to them first... it always bothers me when a sub leaves me over something I do or say and it's like "well this is the first you've ever said this." As a sub you should ALWAYS have the right to call a "Red light" to the play - if they won't abide by it, runaway and unfriend them. They aren't getting what it means. To be a good dom you have to listen to your sub and in many ways the sub is in control If it's not consensual - even if you like rape play - but even then you still need to have some level of trust. But a good Dom/Sub relationship is always backed with a trust and a consensual nature. Otherwise, both parties will gradually lose interest and it'll end quickly.
  7. Open collar is probably the easiest to the free-est to use. As a Mistress I've had many subs collared with Open Collar, and the commands are fairly easy to remember. There is another free collar - the Dari's House collars - usually in the Market or other places you can find a whole bunch of them. Dari quit the game a long time ago, so all his collars are freely set out there. You MAY find people charging for those collars and his arm binders - don't pay for them. Unless they drastically did something new to them - which chances are they didn't... they're free now. But they work similarily to open collar. Have a few other options but they're pretty similar. I had a sub that wanted a posture collar and there is a free one with a posture posture lock. Plus you can do things like crawl instead of walk and such, but even OC has that. But I do agree with the suggestion - make yourself an owner of your own collar, then you can always get out of whatever "trouble" you get yourself into. Once the relationship proceeds into a place where you feel like you WANT to give up control, you can just do a reset or "runaway" and all owners will be cleared - including you - and then you can give them ownership power over you. Of course, you do have that runaway ability. If you use a ToKon or other collar system - I'm not sure if they have that open. There ARE some "Hardcore" collars out there that pretty much unless you delete it - or stop running RLV - you're stuck in someone's power. There is a Sub Hud for OC - I suggest you try that too, gives you one click access to your AO and your menus.
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