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  1. to a new account if you are a premium member? or is this just the impossible?
  2. Market initialization failed because of a system or network error. Try again later What does this mean?
  3. Thanks Now i can head to a store and buy a decent mic
  4. Im trying to upload short song gestures about 10-20 seconds long and im using this program called audacity and the sound sounds very blurry like im using a cell phone to upload. Now i am using a laptop could that be affecting the way im recording my sounds so crappy like? Are there any other voice recording programs that might work better then this free on that i am using? Please Help I've watched tons of tutorials on youtube and lots are outdated and not helping. Thanks :)
  5. This is absolutley soooo immature. gahhh going to bed thanks for the help 45 viewers
  6. So i am one out of three sim owners, one of the owners estate banned me as a joke & now is offline, how would i unban myself from that sim using v3, i am unable to tp there & it is really annoying. We both have the same rights on the sim, just dont know how to take my name off. Please help
  7. Thanks phil i was thinking the same thing. Probably an update i wasn't aware of. )
  8. Before i posted this forum i cleared my cache then tried it again, still the same thing. Then i reinstalled the viewer, still the same thing. I downloaded that exodus viewer & it is almost the same as v3 i love it So yeah firestorm or whatever looks like crap on my computer or whatever settings i have set make it look like crap & i dont feel like toggling with it. Thanks charlotte You saved me from a boring friday night. The laptop was i believe 460 from walmart it's a HP not sure what version. It's grey though haha <----- not a technical kinda gal, just someone who enjoys SL.
  9. anybody know of any for rent? please IM inworld or respond here....please thankssss you :P
  10. alright thanks charlotte i'll try it out. How do i go check on the status or something about the v3 viewer? Because this rarely ever happens i never have crashed before and i have abrand new laptop had it for about a month now so this is very wierd.
  11. Everytime i log in right before it gets done loading it cuts off & i get a crash logger thing after words. Im not able to even touch anything inworld or nothing because it crashes so quickly.
  12. my viewer decides it doesnt want to work anymore & i cant stand pheonix firestorm or whatever that craps called. Can someone please help me
  13. What other things could i be doing to keep it from not crashing? it logs me in & soon as i can see myself it crashes. My other viewer pheonix is working but i hate that viewer. Help please thanks
  14. The other day i encountered a male avatar on my land property that was angry with me because i returned one of his items that he claimed flew over to my sim four sims away. I basically told him to stop crying like a little girl & get over it. He then threatened me saying "your gonna regret that B*****", Never thought nothing of it but maybe him coming back spewing dumb griefer stuff all over. He came back with an alt because i banned the account that threatened me & created so much lag & apparenty hacked into my estate rights & took them away. I couldnt eject him ban nor freeze him. He placed mega prims on the sim & continously made my computer crash until i set my login spawn destination elsewhere. He kept coming back & messing with the sim & the terrain. I had to call chung to remove him because my lag was so bad i was actually scared to go back Anyways he kept coming back& back doing the same thing threatening in my IM's he would do this everyday until i left the sim. Well i did. couldnt deal with it & such. He im'd me this morning saying " aww you got scared and left your sim" told you that you would regret this or something..then he said so how's michigan treating you? ....O.O! then went on and named the city, then my IP i checked it to make sure he really had it & he did. Then said i need to pay my comcast bill which is the name of my internet/cable provider. Really freaking scary. I reported to LL & going to report to local today. Should i be worried about anything pertaining to my PC? since he has already made it crash several times?
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