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  1. Yes, your RL info is yours do not let anyone pressure you to give anything, if you do not want. Not everyone should be trusted with your precious information, not everyone deserves it either. Otherwise, it would be called Real Life.
  2. That makes sense, Eileen, if someone is concealing the truth from their RL mate either one or the other could get hurt.
  3. Yes, I agree there is a difference if both are partnered to each other in both worlds it's much easier.
  4. Thank you, SID, I agree, I wouldn't want to hurt anyone in that way, and I certainly would be devestated if that happened to me.
  5. I'm just curious as someone who is not married or in a monogamous relationship in real life, what draws a person who is married, etc. in real life to partner or date someone in Second Life who is not their real mate? I've heard people tell me if their significant other found out, they would be upset, so why do it? I just want to understand, not judge because this happened to a family member of mine who visited another virtual community and left her husband for the guy she met online. Her ex considered it intelectual and even physical cheating (once she left). Was there something missing or love? I don't know. I believe you can love many people whether it's romantic or frienship but intimacy is also deep and can hurt the other person if they found out that their marriage mate was involved with someone else in secrecy. What do you think, and how would you handle it, if it were you?
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