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  1. Makes me happy and sad. I'm happy that I finally got an iPhone although I should of researched if I can play sl on it using a 3rd party. There is one app but you gotta pay for it and the reviews pretty much bite. You won't be able to see anything just text. So looks like we have to wait a super long time or not even get an app for the iPhone. So looks like we'll be out of luck on this one
  2. I found jobs and unsure how to take my post off so thanks everyone
  3. Heya all. Currently im looking for a job. Hoping to get out of the Djing/Host area. I DON'T strip. Which that leaves little room for job searching. I have browsed through the jobs forum and still have not found anything. So i thought that i would tell you all a bit about myself I have worked as Dj, Club Manager/owner, Host, and i have stripped. ( i stripped when i first started sl) SL Age (1 year 10 months; 675 days) RL Age: 27 soon to be 28 Im online monday-friday. Mostly all day 10slt am - 10slt pm. I have good shape/skin/hair. No noob stuff Im a bubbly type of person. I get along well with everyone. I can find anything and everything to talk about and make it interesting. I do have a big mouth so talking wont be a problem. I spend a great deal of my time traveling around in sl. (window shops). I find that moving around sl makes it more fun rather than standing around wondering when something is going to happen. I do club hop. Currently checking out this club i have never been too. I do enjoy going to new shops/club.events around sl. I do store hunts.
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