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  1. Thank you to those who responded. I was able to find my own slice of SL. Thank you for the help, and I think I got it figured out. And LittleMe Jewell, I might see about doing that thanx. 🙂
  2. Guess I just don't know what I need to do when it comes to finding land to buy that will come from my membership and not have to upload L$ all the time, that auctions are the only way I thought land was bought on here other than renting from private owners. If anyone has some suggestions, they would be greatly appreciated. Otherwise, I will do what both you (Ethan Paslong & MirandaBowers) have suggested. Thank you for your responses. Crossing my fingers I'm able to find something that will work for my budget and what will work for my needs on here. peace ?
  3. So... any word on the Auctions yet? Or anyone be able to show me where to go to find out about them and when we might finally get some more? I'd really like to get me a plot of land that isn't privately owned. You know, be able to put this membership I pay for each month to it's full use for once. Any help would be greatly appreciated. TY :-)
  4. Something I was trying to search for is to see if it would be possible to download a viewer or get a disk that lets you play SL on the Wii. I only have one computer so far but need another one to be able to let me and my wife play at the same time. And I thought, how cool would that be if they had this on the Nintendo Wii Consule. Seeing as I have one and think it would be fun to be able to play it on there. So does anyone know if that is possible or if they will be coming out with one soon? If so, any info on that would be very appreciated. Thank You. :)
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