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  1. First time user of the Belleza Jake body ( I have a male alt ) and I went to get the GA.EG head, trying to look for a store that would have both head and body skins in it along with other brand skins and not just them, I have the GA.EG Omega applier and Belleza Omega applier or least skins that would match each other head and body.
  2. I have a friend who is having trouble seeing display names, now I was trying to look to forums with a issue like this but I was having a hard time finding the right one so I wouldn't have to make a new post. Anyway the issue is he is seeing the display name as boxes because I and another have changed our display names into fancy font ones, is there anyway he is able to see fonts and special chatacter names.
  3. The Queen of Riverllon is looking for Navy crew to join her side and sail on Wonder ships on the greats seas of Riverllon there will be battles to fight and have friends on our side. We will help the Queen protect the lands on which we reside. If you have what it takes to be part of the Riverllon Navy, then come join her Royal highness Queen of Riverllon to be the best lands we can be and show the other lands what we are made of. ( furries and humans alike are welcome at the Riverlion ) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Now if you are one of those who would like to stay ashore and be a Worker and help Riverllon grow then this is your chance to do so. You will not go unpaid as you will get paid with the RP currency ( which I think can turn into lindens, don't count me right on that, you would would have to talk to the Queen herself Queen Feruda Purple Pen Dragon , I'm only navy ) Riverllion is a great and fun RP , if you would like to get into the RP send me a notecard with your name YOU LOGIN WITH and which you would like to be Navy or Worker,put what you would like to do IN the notecard send notecard to Login Name: silverienawindren and I will send it to the Queen in hopes, she will message you. That is all for now :-)
  4. I hope this would be the right place, anyway, I have been looking for Ploom hair store itself, I land at this landmark http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/ploom/152/124/26 , I see Doe, Paper rabbit, a motel and a coffee shop and other stores EXCEPT ploom, I don't even see a Teleport for it ( yes I looked around :-P ) . It is one of my favorite hair stores, yes I could look in marketplace, but I mostly go to the Inworld store, does anyone have the -exact- landing point for the store? or is it not inworld anymore?
  5. since long time ago, there are people in SL who end up together in SL then it becomes RL, that happened to me before and it has happened with my SL mother before too and ther is a dating website site for SL some/most folks look for SL and RL , there are dating inworld places too, such as Avdate just to name one
  6. Hi, my name is Silveriena Windren , Silver for short and I am of course a Furry , who is been single for a long while, I change into different furry looks, I'm 36 year old in RL , looking for a furry companion to be with, course we would get to know each other first in SL and as it grows hopefully it be a RL thing as well and of course get to know each other RL wise too, I live in Jeanette Pennsylvania this will almost be my 1st full year in PA, as I have moved from Texas, then went to VA and of course PA, I also have a human and neko appearance, but it is not all the time I change into those. Lookin for a furry who is funny, gamer, loving and understanding and careing and not a cheater and has no one in SL or RL. You are a male furry and would like to chat up a storm with me, to know me more, send me an either a message here, or IM me inworld silverienawindren is my login name, if I am not on, send me a notecard with you name on it :-) Thank you :-)
  7. yeah, if only he had left it out, like he did with the other mutation vendor, I bought my crux at Zeo as well BEFORE the vendor disapeared and that was back in.....hrm...2012? or perhaps I got it sometime in 2011, sometime after I joined SL which was on April 2, 2011, I have the REAL one and not copybotted one, I would like to get a different color one, I have the one with the purple stripes.
  8. wow, just now seeing this, I have been having the same problems the past few days or so and I posted on another forum where do I file a support ticket?
  9. Help me figure this out please? On my main account this one I use, it is the only one crashing, I have other accounts which is my alts and they don't crash at all when I log in and already rezzed into the world and able to move around , I have a windows 10, I used the updated version of Firestorm, I have a 64 bit laptop top too. I have seen alot of posts dealing with crashing, but not sure of I should of added this one to them or not. I have also tried changing passwords if that was the case, but didn't work and if memory serves I evne removed and reinstalled firestorm before, but gonna try again, but it might/may crash again on my 1st one... don't know what the cause of this is...
  10. Curious, I was looking for an answer for the same question and came upon this thread, how does the selling lindens go then? I mean I want to transfer the Lindens into real money, would I be selling lindens back to Second life and get real money for the bank or?...yeah again..how does that go?
  11. I went to finally pay my acount and I got this in my email Dear SilverienaWindren, Thank you for paying up the balance that was due in your account. Your account has been charged US$22. Your account status should now be active. Thanks again - we look forward to seeing you in Second Life! Linden Lab and the Second Life Team But it won't let me log in still, I know my password and name but I still can't get in, it says it is active, so why can't I log in yet?
  12. hi, I don't know if there is another post like this or close to this but, I recently downgraded to basic I was premium,I forgot after taking off my credit card info , I forogt that when going into premium section there is a accout change at the bottom and when I clicked it , it won't take effect till 11-16-2013, now my question is do I still pay even though I picked going back to basic? because I wuld be unable to pay for it anymore, until I get money in my card again to go back to premium. I have that info mentioning that I am due 22.50 US.
  13. I have an issue with my avatar not loading when basic shaders are on in my viewer I had turn them off and order to have my avatar load then again I have windows 8 and a new laptop most are windows are these days and with the shaders off everything looks blotchy like this image here is there anyway I could get this fixed?
  14. Ok, I know too this is last years thread and I saw one this years post, anyway, could anyone help me on this? okie, when I log into SL my internet disconnects and my voice stops working, now whille it disconnects then reconnects I am still in sl but can't move yet for a few moments, now, can anyone help me how to fix my sl voice? the mic button on the viewer fades out, I am on vista and use wireless and shareing, anyway to get my internet to stay connected so I can use voice and see the dot over my head again?
  15. I mean, no matter where the abuse happens, you can still report it right?, IMs, Group chats, Local chats, I am just wondering cause I reported 1 person twice in a group chat, because she was using verbal abuse
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