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  1. This is sooooo frustrating! I was hitting refresh right as someone else got San Alejandro and kept refreshing until they booted me for ten tries but I never got a single option for the new houses. How are you guys getting so lucky? Is there some strategy you are using beyond refreshing every 60 seconds?
  2. Thanks everyone for all the help! Now, I just need some luck (LOL).
  3. Hi, apparently I need some help! Can I sign up for the new premium homes and/or houseboats the same way I always signed up for the old premium homes or is there a new way to do it? I have tried to sign up for one of the new ones in the usual way but the only options that I ever see are the original four neighborhoods (i.e. Tahoe, Meadowbrook, etc.). What am I doing wrong? Would really appreciate advice on how to even see the houseboats or new houses as an option to pick from. Thanks in advance for advice!
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