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  1. 30K Prims Private Island: "Hideaway Bay" Full Region Grandfathered $1,600 USD Price. I will pay the $600.00 transfer fee out of the $1600.00. The end result is $1,000.00 profit -- you may move or rename the sim however you wish at the time of transfer. Contact me in World @ Phiona.Mercy, I will get in touch with you shortly thereafter. I am available during virtually any time-zone but may not respond until the day after I get your message as I may be AFK or sleeping while online to receive your message and will try to contact you around the same time that you messaged me if you are not available when I get your message. Those looking to buy immediately will be given priority over those who are just inquiring. I do not wish to teach someone how to word mirrored transfer tickets. Tier was refreshed on the 10th. I will redress this topic when the land is sold.
  2. Currently attempting to sell sim. $700 USD or best offer by January 10th. Sim is 30K prims ,full private estate and grandfathered. All features fully transferable. Contact in world @ 'Phiona.Mercy'~ to organize transfer. [[[[[[Sim is currently in the process of being traded. No additional entries accepted.]]]]
  3. People tell me my mesh body (or other mesh object) is invisible for them. I go to try to remove it -- and it removes from "current outfit list", but is still visibly locked on my avatar and becomes unselectable and non-editable. You also cannot re-wear the object. This issue usually happens when I teleport to a new sim... even if the avatar is fully loaded on the previous sim. This issue usually happens when I teleport to a new sim... even if the avatar is fully loaded on the previous sim. If I relog? It fixes it -- but that's ... kinda silly given all the utilities inside Second Life. I use the Firestorm viewer, in the most up to date, non-beta version -- but this problem is consistent across all viewers, including the default Second Life viewer from which the others are derived. The problem is that this is the ONLY WAY to resync my worn outfit with the SL servers, after all these years is -still- only to relog? When can we expect some action on issues like this that -everyone- suffers? 'A reload avatar' that functions with mesh objects? I've been a Second Life user since 01/12/2006 (3963) ... and these kinds of issues (outfit desync, and not having the proper tools for a user to 'resync' them) have been consistent with the Second Life engine since the beginning whether it's re-bake issues, or whatever. Please. Please. Please. Give me something that makes it so I can choose to reload my own avatar. Even changing outfits or my avatar entirely doesn't fix this.. and Ctrl + Alt + R is ONLY a texture re-bake, and doesn't effect textures on mesh or mesh the objects "worn or not-worn" status. Unloading, and Reloading the location of all objects on a sim, and reapplying the already downloaded textures in your cache to them and then reloading the shape of all mesh objects worn by everyone should -not- be the only solution to fixing an avatar glitch. (I.E. Logging all the way out on a full busy sim, and then logging back in.) I am aware that the server has unequipped it from me. I am aware my internet missed the UDP call to remove it on my client -- but there needs to be a way to resync ... that doesn't involve logging out. Can we have some kind of client-side resync with our 'Current Outfit' folder?
  4. You are a walking diety, and I bow before your awesome digital power. I was all; "BUT MY MATH ISN'T WRONG! ; . ; " LOL... Fix't and it worked instantly. Thank-you so much. 4 hours -- possibly more. Head-smashing keyboard. "WHEN MY SCRIPT ASKS YOU... IF 2 IS THE SAME AS 3... OR THE SAME AS 4... YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO COME BACK FALSE!" lol.
  5. link_message(integer Source, integer Number, string String, key Key) // This script is in the object too. { integer Prim = (integer)Source; integer Int = (integer)Number; string Str = (string)String; key Code = (key)Key; integer NameServerCode = (integer)2; integer StatsServerCode = (integer)3; integer TargetServerCode = (integer)4; llOwnerSay("The source of this message is prim #" + (string)Prim + " .The Number coming with it is " + (string)Int + ". The Associated String is: " + Str + ". And the associated key is: " + (string)Code); //if (Source == 1) // { //return; //} if ((integer)Int == NameServerCode); { NameServer = Prim; llOwnerSay("NameServer has been assigned to " + (string)NameServer); } if ((integer)Int == StatsServerCode); { StatsServer = Prim; } if ((integer)Int == TargetServerCode); { TargetServer = Prim; //llOwnerSay("TargetServer has been assigned to " + (string)TargetServer); } } }... Three different prims send messages. The content of those messages shouldn't even matter, because all I am reading is the integer attached to it. The read-out from those three messages ALL trigger the text of ALL three logical gateways... The end-output from the strings? Is absolutely ridiculous: [02:13] Sabina's HUD: The source of this message is prim #3 .The Number coming with it is 2. The Associated String is: NameServer!. And the associated key is: [02:13] Sabina's HUD: NameServer has been assigned to 3 [02:13] Sabina's HUD: The source of this message is prim #4 .The Number coming with it is 3. The Associated String is: StatsServer!. And the associated key is: [02:13] Sabina's HUD: NameServer has been assigned to 4 [02:13] Sabina's HUD: The source of this message is prim #2 .The Number coming with it is 4. The Associated String is: TargetServer!. And the associated key is: [02:13] Sabina's HUD: NameServer has been assigned to 2 [02:13] Sabina's HUD: All Servers Loaded: [02:13] Sabina's HUD: TargetServer = prim 2 [02:13] Sabina's HUD: NameServer = prim 2 [02:13] Sabina's HUD: StatsServer = prim 2 All three prims ... trip all three logical gateways every time no matter what I change the integer to. It's awe-inspiring to me. I feel like LSL (or rather, specifically 'link_message' events) might be experiencing a math-fail with it's == questions. I've tried writing them with resigning them as integers, I've tried them as numbers. I need these prims to self-identify, rather then using it's link-position.... and I feel like link_message is having a brain-fart. The only thing I haven't tried is turning them into floats... And the main reason I'm doing it like this, is because when I link a new object on top of it.. (Select new object.. hold down shift, Select rest of link-set... Ctrl + Link) ... it stacks the new object on the end (link #4) as it should-- but when I pick the object up into my inventory -- next time I rez, or wear it... it has the new object as link #2. So I was trying to find a way around that... All of them are sending messages with a seperate integer as displayed above, and below: Sender = RootPrim (they're all receiving a 'RoleCall' LinkMessage that -is- striggering...) //Prim #2 llMessageLinked( Sender, 4, "TargetServer!",""); //Prim #3 llMessageLinked( Sender, 2, "NameServer!",""); //Prim #4 llMessageLinked( Sender, 3, "StatsServer!","");It's so weird.
  6. Yup. I forgot to give my script permission to spy on my camera. lol.
  7. So--- I think.. I may have found a solution, but my code isn't picking up avatars for some reason. I'm trying to single out Agents~ /*default{ touch_start(integer total_number) {vector c_pos = llGetCameraPos(); //Get Users Camera Positionrotation c_rot = llGetCameraRot(); //Get Users Camera Rotation//llOwnerSay("Scan from "+(string)c_pos+" to "+(string)(llRot2Fwd(c_rot)*100+c_pos));list results=llCastRay(c_pos,llRot2Fwd(c_rot)*100+c_pos,[RC_REJECT_TYPES,RC_REJECT_PHYSICAL|RC_REJECT_NONPHYSICAL|RC_REJECT_LAND,RC_DATA_FLAGS,0,RC_MAX_HITS,2,RC_DETECT_PHANTOM,FALSE]);integer status=llList2Integer(results,-1);integer hitNum = 0;*/ default{ state_entry() { string ownerName = llKey2Name(llGetOwner()); llOwnerSay("Hello, " + ownerName + "!"); } touch_start(integer total_number) { vector start = llGetCameraPos(); vector end = llRot2Fwd(llGetCameraRot())*100 + start;//start - <0.0, -25.0, 0.0>;//start+<60.0,0.0,0.0>*llGetCameraRot(); list results = llCastRay(start, end,[RC_REJECT_TYPES,RC_REJECT_PHYSICAL|RC_REJECT_NONPHYSICAL|RC_REJECT_LAND,RC_DATA_FLAGS,0,RC_MAX_HITS,2,RC_DETECT_PHANTOM,FALSE]);//llCastRay(start, end, [RC_REJECT_TYPES, filter, RC_MAX_HITS, 4] ); integer length = llGetListLength(results); integer hitNum = 0; llOwnerSay("We Got to Step 1."); // Handle error conditions here by checking llList2Integer(results, -1) >= 0 while (hitNum < length+1) { // Stride is 2 because we didn't request normals or link numbers key uuid = llList2Key(results, 2*hitNum); string name = "Land"; // if (uuid == NULL_KEY) if (uuid != NULL_KEY) name = llKey2Name(uuid); llOwnerSay("We Got to Step 2." + (string)hitNum + "/" + (string)length); llOwnerSay("Hit " + name + "."); ++hitNum; /* list my_list = results; integer i = 0; integer end = llGetListLength(my_list); //Debug to see contents of List not firing. for (; i<end; ++i) { llOwnerSay("string=" + llList2String(my_list,i) + "\n integer=" + (string)llList2Integer(my_list,i) + " OR " +(string)((integer)llList2String(my_list,i)) + "\n float=" + (string)llList2Float(my_list,i) + " OR " +(string)((float)llList2String(my_list,i)) + "\n vector=" + (string)llList2Vector(my_list,i) + " OR " +(string)((vector)llList2String(my_list,i)) + "\n rot=" + (string)llList2Rot(my_list,i) + " OR " +(string)((rotation)llList2String(my_list,i)) + "\n key=" + (string)llList2Key(my_list,i) + " OR " +(string)((key)llList2String(my_list,i)) ); } */ } }} And I do not know enough about ray-casts to know if it's because my raycast is not projecting, or if it is aiming in the wrong direction from my camera, or if I am accidently filtering agents from the results... or maybe I am not allow-- I think I figured it out. I don't think I am granting it camera permissions and should "never assume it's granted automatically" -- give me a second!
  8. I saw a scripted object that did something pretty amazing that I was surprised about -- even when my privacy settings are set to 0, it is aware of who I am camming. In a roleplaying sim, if I am targeting a player (even with my LookAtTarget turned off) -- it is aware of who my camera is focused on when doing "versus" dice rolls~ automatically rolling the dice appropriate to their stats. While I am aware (via LookAt's existance) -- that SL is able to decipher this, I thought turning off LookAtTargets spoiled this~ At first I thought it was rezzing an object at my look-at vector that was doing some kind of shout-call back to my meter on a hidden or dynamic channel then deleting itself-- but looking inside both the worn titler that functions with the meter, and the HUD object-- there is only one prim each with no linked parts, and neither of them have objects inside them that they could be rezzing. I am very much interested in figuring out how to get the UUID of an avatar my camera is locked on via the 'People' radar~
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