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  1. 30K Prims Private Island: "Hideaway Bay" Full Region Grandfathered $1,600 USD Price. I will pay the $600.00 transfer fee out of the $1600.00. The end result is $1,000.00 profit -- you may move or rename the sim however you wish at the time of transfer. Contact me in World @ Phiona.Mercy, I will get in touch with you shortly thereafter. I am available during virtually any time-zone but may not respond until the day after I get your message as I may be AFK or sleeping while online to receive your message and will try to contact you around the same time that you messaged
  2. Currently attempting to sell sim. $700 USD or best offer by January 10th. Sim is 30K prims ,full private estate and grandfathered. All features fully transferable. Contact in world @ 'Phiona.Mercy'~ to organize transfer. [[[[[[Sim is currently in the process of being traded. No additional entries accepted.]]]]
  3. People tell me my mesh body (or other mesh object) is invisible for them. I go to try to remove it -- and it removes from "current outfit list", but is still visibly locked on my avatar and becomes unselectable and non-editable. You also cannot re-wear the object. This issue usually happens when I teleport to a new sim... even if the avatar is fully loaded on the previous sim. This issue usually happens when I teleport to a new sim... even if the avatar is fully loaded on the previous sim. If I relog? It fixes it -- but that's ... kinda silly given all the utilities inside Second Lif
  4. You are a walking diety, and I bow before your awesome digital power. I was all; "BUT MY MATH ISN'T WRONG! ; . ; " LOL... Fix't and it worked instantly. Thank-you so much. 4 hours -- possibly more. Head-smashing keyboard. "WHEN MY SCRIPT ASKS YOU... IF 2 IS THE SAME AS 3... OR THE SAME AS 4... YOU'RE SUPPOSED TO COME BACK FALSE!" lol.
  5. link_message(integer Source, integer Number, string String, key Key) // This script is in the object too. { integer Prim = (integer)Source; integer Int = (integer)Number; string Str = (string)String; key Code = (key)Key; integer NameServerCode = (integer)2; integer StatsServerCode = (integer)3; integer TargetServerCode = (integer)4; llOwnerSay("The source of this message is prim #" + (string)Prim + " .The Number coming with it is " + (string)Int + ". The Associated String is: " + Str + ". And the associa
  6. Yup. I forgot to give my script permission to spy on my camera. lol.
  7. So--- I think.. I may have found a solution, but my code isn't picking up avatars for some reason. I'm trying to single out Agents~ /*default{ touch_start(integer total_number) {vector c_pos = llGetCameraPos(); //Get Users Camera Positionrotation c_rot = llGetCameraRot(); //Get Users Camera Rotation//llOwnerSay("Scan from "+(string)c_pos+" to "+(string)(llRot2Fwd(c_rot)*100+c_pos));list results=llCastRay(c_pos,llRot2Fwd(c_rot)*100+c_pos,[RC_REJECT_TYPES,RC_REJECT_PHYSICAL|RC_REJECT_NONPHYSICAL|RC_REJECT_LAND,RC_DATA_FLAGS,0,RC_MAX_HITS,2,RC_DETECT_PHANTOM,FALSE]);integer status=llLis
  8. I saw a scripted object that did something pretty amazing that I was surprised about -- even when my privacy settings are set to 0, it is aware of who I am camming. In a roleplaying sim, if I am targeting a player (even with my LookAtTarget turned off) -- it is aware of who my camera is focused on when doing "versus" dice rolls~ automatically rolling the dice appropriate to their stats. While I am aware (via LookAt's existance) -- that SL is able to decipher this, I thought turning off LookAtTargets spoiled this~ At first I thought it was rezzing an object at my look-at vector that w
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