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  1. assuming the 295 usd is a fact,i'd say... with rent between 20-25k / week ... 300-370 usd / month ... multiplied by 300 or 1000 sims adding possible quantity discount mentioned above in thread subtracting set up fees, loss for unrented plots, taxes, maybe staff and advertising costs it probably pays off good over time.. as long as the game is running steady.
  2. hi again cosmic! you were afk earlier..probably still are lol! well that be my first advice, don't stand around all afkish for a long time! rl and all, but logging would be less rude than just not answering.. rent at your sim is too expensive, people can rent a plot of land for that kind of money with all that neat land control. i'd say delete those camping spots ( ty for the 4l ! ;p) but for a community on a homestead where only limited people can stay the cloud/noob/bot stand around thing is not very attractive. besides, i don't think camping is still allowed in sl.. other than that .. it is just impossible to compete with the mass of experienced landlords out there. i'd say, concentrate on a different project! and good luck!! sorry didn't mean to diss, don't even know why i replied actually lol..
  3. it could be tiny things that tick 'flaggers' off.. quick look over your listings showed 2 couch sets with adult keywords set on general, a residential structure with a shop keyword, and total inflated price and prims! on the full perm paper lamp tell your friend to look very closely to be save, there are very petty people out there. (counting myself out lol, heyy i just pointed it out, didn't flag it!!)
  4. it says right away in viewer 1, phoenix etc... but in viewer 2?
  5. how can i see the online status of *non-friends* in viewer 2?
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