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  1. Thanks Theresa that solved it. Have I lost anything by unticking that?
  2. I'm using the latest SL viewer. Latest NVIDIA driver. When the draw distance is set to 512 and you fly high everything in the distance tarts to flicker. I've uninstalled and cleared cache as per the KB. Tried 2 different NVIDIA drivers and 2 different viewer versions. If i untick basic shaders everything looks awful but the flickering stops. I only get the flickering at long distance away. Using NVIDIA GTX 670. Tried NVIDIA GTX 660 and same problem. Anyoen have any ideas?
  3. I'm having the same problem I'm a premium member and contacted SL live chat support. They told me they couldnt solve it and to make a ticket. I made a ticket and they said they know about the bug but can't help and closed the ticket. Very poor. I've tried: I've updated flash player. I've updated quick time. I've updated all drivers I've install all Windows updates. I've unsinstalled and reinstall the latest and old versions of SL. I've cleaned system appdata and reinstalled. I've tried setting slplugin.exe to Win 95 mode. I've added rules to firewall to allow all sl and slplugin I've added rules to av to allow all sl and slplugin I've disabled firewall I've disabled anti virus I do not use killernic network card. I've uninstalled my anti virus program. I've updated IE and FF. I can view media no problem outside of SL.
  4. cleared cache updated all drivers, second life, quick time, flash rebooted tried 2 versions of viewer ticked options to allow cookies firewall rules allow sl view profile and search in world just blank
  5. Thanks for the feedback. I know loads of places to rent smaller plot's of land with more prims for less but they are usually in badly or mixed design sims and you may have a giant commercial building just behind you or no theme at all letting people build anything. This sim was meant to be well designed giving each house a good amount of space and a sim they can use to do things. The camping bench has gone and it's given me a few ideas so thanks all
  6. I'm building a small community sim on a homestead so limited on prims. The idea is to have big houses, low prim, low rent, no profit required and just a nice place for a few people to live and a nice sim to be in but being limited by prims and users that can be in the sim i'm not finding it difficult to finish the sim. Just looking for any idea on what else I can do to make it a place people would want to stay renting in http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clarkview%20Island/107/67/37
  7. I've got a 2 bedroom house with a big garden, dobule garage, road side in next family sim. I can do for 300/week for you http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Clarkview%20Island/173/51/37
  8. I've changed the brick work texture to match on all so it's just the wood surround/roof. I don't have the texture for that so the options would be to copy a prim from the house and resize to replace the roof on the garage or find a texture to match.
  9. I've bought a house which has copy/mod rights. I've bought a garage which has copy/mod rights. I need the following building work done.. 1) I need the house changed to include a back door. 2) I need steps adding to the front of the house. 3) I need the garage textures changed to match the house. 4) I need the drive way and sidewalk changed to align with the double garage. 5) When the above is done I need it copied to 6 more plots around the sim. I need this doing ASAP and have L$ waiting to send to someone. Thanks
  10. I'm still looking for a builder to finish some building work off which includes adding door to a house, changing roof textures, aligning garden fences, building drive way and some other bits. Please contact me ASAP Thanks
  11. Can't find your name in SL. Can you IM Cosmic Rust
  12. Hello :) I'm trying to make a hill side / road which needs to be all grass on the top and all sand at the bottom....i've set the textures and heights but my hill side which is flat on the top has level 1 and 2 textures mixed. I can't see what I'm doing wrong?
  13. I've made a building which needs some correct aligning to finish it off and the 2nds created for a roof. Should be fairly quick job for a skilled builder. I can pay in L$ Please reply here or IM me in world. Thanks
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