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  1. prim hearts is what i totally recomend you. But you also can visit really good (more good than prim hearths) theme parks!. The ebst ones in SL are disney tribute ones (magicland,WEDcot etc) and they have events as paraes or fireworks!.
  2. magicland and WEDcot are the best. magicland is pretty small compariing WEDcot (full sim) but both are great!. Downtownd D at the moment is closed for go to a new location (a full sim) and also there are 2 new parks starting to build for open this year!. Virtually Magic (suposed name of it) and MagicDreamWorld. There is alose a cancelled proyect that i hope it come back,. Dream World (dont mix MagicDream World and Dream World. they are diferent parks)
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