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  1. I'm 18 I would love to chat with you!! I haven't been on in a long time and would like to start making friends again!!
  2. I was apart of the grid merge I think like two years ago and haven't spoken to anyone other than my teen grid pals. I feel like I shouldn't make any new friends until I'm 18. It's only fair right? If I meet someone they will most likely be an adult and I think it's only fair that they are speaking to another adult. What do you think?
  3. Hello people! I was making an object today and thought of this cool idea! I wanted this certain object to float up and down like it was levitating! I'm having a hard time finding a script that would fit the bill! I hope someone can help me out! Thank you!
  4. Oh I'm sorry. I haven't used the forum in a long time. Thank you!
  5. I think so. I would like my object to float up and down.
  6. Hello people! I had this great idea. I was making these round shaped chairs today and thought it would be awesome if it would slowly move up and down like it was levitating! I'm having a hard time looking for a script. I hope someone can help me!! Thank you guys!:matte-motes-bashful-cute-2:
  7. I haven't seen Terrance linden on the teen grid at all yet. I hope I didn't miss anything. I hope the merge will work out good. I'm respectable and kind. I won't be one of those annoying teens that will bother and ruin the secondlife experience for others. I hope you guys can accept us!! Not all of us are bad!!
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