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  1. well I did take the advice and go to JIRA and watched the vid on how to use JIRA. I searched for parcel AND search.. holy moly...... there are TONS of this situation happening. I did get a reply to my latest of numerous support tickets and LL *is* acknowledging it now and the programmers are working on it.... so it's only a matter of time before it's fixed I hope!
  2. oh wow, at least now I know I'm not alone! Thanks. * trudges off to JIRA*
  3. No... it happened again this morning. I see they started making some changes about a week ago so some servers.. and that is when this problem started, but I don't know if it was to the server that my sim is on or not... I sure hope they can figure it out because my club still won't come up in search, OR my sim for that matter.
  4. Hey all..... I'm wondering if anyone else has this problem. My sim.... randomly dissapears from sl search. The sim is one parcel. I've got my club on it. It seems to dissapear a couple times a week, The first time, I filed my own support tickets... 3 days and every time LL looked it was back in search, go figure! I did a restart and it came back to search .... Then.. it dissapeared again, so I got the estate owner to file tickets, that was yesterday. Miraculously it reappeared. Problem solved right? Nope. It dissapeared again this morning! All that shows up is my paid classified and my V
  5. bbw, chubby, chubby lover Plumpers BBW Club is a fairly new hangout in second life. It's all about big beautiful women and admirers who are secure enough to leave the stigma that *thin is the only way to be* totally in the dust. Plumpers also welcomes the GLBT community and anyone else with a tolerant attitude. It's a dance club nestled in the trees on the beautiful Wishing Star sim. There are romantic snuggle areas placed throughout the woods and waterfront areas. If you're into jumping off the bridge... you'll discover the beautiful undersea area. Watch out for the wildlife, it's eve
  6. Why don't they just put a redeliver button on the invoice as an option? I mean..... as a buyer, I could just go to my invoice in the event of a delivery failure and click the button to try again? Would it really be that difficult? Hmmmm.
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