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  1. (Firestorm Viewer) Recently have been experiencing (lagg), not normal for me. Lagg isn't backed up by the FPS which is HIGH>90/60 fps. Clothing began morphing yesterday, restart required and teleporting is broken 50% of the time putting my Avatar into a LImbo. Not on desired sim but Nowhere..<restart required (Linden Viewer) Stuttering graphics, very slow response to commands like like change outfit. 50% teleports lock up, browser unresponsive< restart (in general)> Checked my settings, all normal to before. lowered some graphics down some. Nothing changed, this is very odd for me since I rarely ever have to re start. Have great connections allowing me into full sims with full populations.
  2. Ok. All fixed, didn't do anything to fix it.. Just works now.. Weird. END THREAD>
  3. Yes, thanks Arton, both are one.. I use these all the time, now its acting like this. Not sure what changed can you verify this with a projected Light?
  4. Just checking to see if it's not only me, anyone one having advanced lighting issues, All of my lighting I use for photo's are now big balls of bright light, instead of the light coming from the single FACE of the prim>its all over the whole prims all Faces> projecting a big ball of light.. Asking for verify bug.
  5. If you have not fugured it out yet, in your UPLOAD menu>> click the Add Textures in the 3 tab..you will see that part.... you also may need to adjust the LOD rate higher..my rule of thumb is to set them 1000 differance between High and Low...10000, 9000, 8000..thats mine thing you may want to try something else.. I upload tons of sketchup models with my textures and colors>> remember one thing>> if you plan to add textures in game make sure the parts of the model you want to apply them too have their own (COLOR) which acts like a Texture Map..otherwise when you apply a texture it will apply to the whole model..
  6. A Large Community based Roleplaying Group is in need of a qualified Mesh Clothing designer to build 3 uniform sets for both M & F avatars. Payment info is varified either in Lindens or Paypal, A strong solid bid is needed and proof of past work done would highly be desired to see. The job is for full perm, we will give credit to the builder and if needed we can provide plenty of advertisment to you. Please contact Stacie Lane in game...(Rockstar Sciarri) ign search Thank you and hope to see some interesting bids..
  7. Contact me in game (rockstar scairri), A large roleplaying group is in search of someone to build a full set of MESH uniforms, (our contract with previous Mesh builder is cancelled) I can supply a design and would require a rock solid bid for building these (full Perm) with all credits to you will be observed and advertisement in our groups as well for thanks... We are all capable of paying either in game or out (paypal)... looking forward to some interesting bids. Stacie Lane
  8. I have win 7 ... where exactly are these logs filed?
  9. I am running win 7... I have no idea where the LOG files are exactly... Its just strange this uploading is so touchy.. very frustraiting.
  10. Some days I have no problem uploading, smooth and hastle free. Last few days I have been getting (Parsing Errors) to no end I tried to upload several objects that I have before that I know are validated objects and Iam getting new parsing errors. I have a feeling its on LINDEN server side but with no LINK to report this I have no other choice but post here.. THese are very very simple objects, created with Sketchup Pro...no fancy animation, just building sections.. No textures other than colors, I need help to find out why my objects are being stopped... Is this a validation or what issue.. Thank you this is something that has plauged my building in SL from the beginning..
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