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  1. I like writing and art and all that but im 17... and i can't visit suicide city in SL... anything i CAN do?
  2. Screw working irl ima get a job on the net. Im 17 male and holidays will be here in a week so im looking for a job lol. if anyone wants to hire me shoot a message. Things im interested in doing are SEO, marketing, anything that doesn't really need an irl tallent (like how you hire dancers at clubs the person doesn't really need to know how to dance) writing, art, music, philosophy and stuff like that. Its more of a learning experiance im looking for in SEO and Marketing but im quite good at writing (when i can be botherd trying) and philosophy. i know this isn't much of an aplication but atm i don't know what im interested in so if anyone wants me to do something i'll it out.
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