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  1. I need to see the rent I have paid on my land in world. I cannot find anything anywhere. Only available logs are my purcahses of Lindens, and the stuff I buy online in the SL marketplace. Thanks.
  2. Crashes on log in, barely gets to the end of the log in process and crashes. This just happens randomly for no reason and lasts for days sometimes weeks. I have just about had it. If I didn't have the ridiculous amount of money already invested I would be out. I have completely uninstalled, removed all references to SL and re downloaded and installed the viewer, 20 or more times. Makes no difference. CAnnot install an older version, as it makes no difference. Also, Pheonix AND Firestorm crash whenever this porblem arises. I have NOTHING running in the background. Ugh. Supposed to be performing tonight.
  3. So out of the blue, today SL refuses to load. I have had no real issues with this since upgrading to a maxed out Macbook pro. It has very little else on it currently and I never run anything in the background when inworld. So why all of a sudden has it quit loading. It does not even get off the starting page, the bar moves about 2/3rds of the way and then, poof, crashed and closed. I have the latest viewer version. tankies :) Update. I get to be a fluffy cloud for about 3 seconds, then it quits. Doesn't just freeze it completely shuts down instantly. I have set SL home to my Linden House, and I just about managed to load it, like I said, but I cannot rez. And them boom, gone. Also, not only the SL viewer crashes, I dL'd Phoenix AND Firestom and they crash too. At the same place, right at the start. It been a few days now, and nothing has changed. Still can't log in :( I am going to downoad an older view, beause if I remember correctly, this did start when I got the newest one. OK, so that was a bust. I will be on Social Security before I finish wading thru the wiki. Does anyone have a direct link to an older viewer download site?
  4. I live on the US east coast yet my SL is set to PDT. This is extremely confusing, as a lot of events run of SLT, which is a THIRD time zone. tankies in advance. KF
  5. This is prolly a moronic question, I know that SL time is a 4 hour cycle and all that, but why does my clock say PDT? What does that mean. Am I on SL time, or something else! Thanks, feel free to slap me. OK, I really am an idiot, what I really meant to say is how do I change it to SLT, or even EST as I am on the US east coast. I am constantly confused by the times of events and miss things all the time. I really just want to be on SLT. KF
  6. So over the course of my home ownership I have had to remove every single thing I ever bought for it. It is now completely empty, nothing in it except what it came with, and that I have no control over. I cannot rez ANYTHING. Not even a box of clothing. It says "parcel full". How do I get rid of things I cannot see?
  7. I am so frsutrated with SL right now. Cannot pay my bill. Billing article on SL is full or errors and there is no link to comment on it, even though several others have commented. Sorry it took me so long to return to this. Apparently SL have changed their Paypal requirements. You now must have a credit card as your primary funding source. I use Paypal connect and SL does not recognize that. I learned this only after many, MANY calls to SL billing and Paypal. Finally got a very nice girl at SL you told me this. Very annoying, I have disonnected Paypal and now have to use a credit card to pay SL.
  8. For no reason that either Paypal or SL can tell me, SL cashier is refusing to accept my long standing Paypal account, that I have been using in SL for years. Paypal says there is not even a record of any attempts made let alone any payments gone through to Lindenlabs for months. The account is fine, works for everything else, and all I am doing is trying to by a few Lindens and pay my membership. A few bucks here and there. No huge amounts or anything.
  9. I can no longer use SL. I recently replaced my Macbook with a slightly newer one, with more memory and a bit faster processor. Since using Time machine to restore all my data from the older Mac, SL freezes and goes into a KP after only 3 or 4 minutes. Macbook with 2.2GHz Intel Core 2 Duo 4 GB ram 500 GB HD I should mention that I have installed smcFanControl and although that does help it stay cool in Flash heavy things, it has made NO diff to SL.
  10. I am fairly new and am trying to understand the contest held by several of the groups I am a member of. I am wearing the tag, but when I click on the contest board nothing happens. I touch it, nothing, right click nothing.. how does one enter these contests? Thanks
  11. Congrats on getting this far. I cannot post anything at all expect answers to questions. There is NOWHERE that I can find to ask a question, start a new topic. Nothing. ANd obviously I am logged in. I give up. This should be obvious and easy, instead of frustrdating and confusing. Ugh.
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