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  1. I know this is a stupid question but I can't find an answer: I want to outline just the land I own. When I use shift/ctrl/alt/P I see the outlines for all the land. I know the answer is buried someplace but I bought additional land five minutes ago and I'm sure you can all understand the urgency and excitement! (Shout out to Whitney Linden, who has put up with my confusion, cutting and adding land for me, trying to understand what I wanted, and keeping her temper. For more than a week!)
  2. Thank you for writing it all out! Once people started telling me how to dig a basement, and now trying to rez some things, I've picked up on the fact that my friend loaned me some land, not gave me some of my own. So, with many thanks to all - and yes, I have copied everything out into a document! - my next job is buying some abandoned land I've found. Y'all have me thinking I'd like to live in a neighborhood but I've fallen in love with some of the houses I've found. Which doesn't mean I won't show up here again with a stupid question but, as someone pointed out last time, that's suppos
  3. When I get my own land - a friend has load me a patch for the moment - do you know anyone who can walk me through rezzing? I think I've figured out how to raise and lower land . . . More seriously, a copious spare time project is to see about putting together a mentors guild. But for now you've made me think of rezzing, another suggested land forms that work with those nearby, and between the two the light went off: I know the person nearby and would like my land to flow from hers.
  4. Would that be the Cozy Olive Cottage? That's exactly the one I'm trying to figure out. So I'm going to copy your experience to my list of things to try.
  5. I picked up a great little cottage but it has a basement. A reviewer mentioned that you have to create one first - or dig one first?
  6. Nalatis, I'm sorry for bothering you with the basics, I didn't even know there was basic training. Meanwhile, though, someone here did offer to mentor me and we're doing fine. Meanwhile I really appreciate you offering some choices for 'beginning friendly" The next problem I posted was about buying Lindons. It may have been a new thread, it may be one that mentioned VAT. I haven't found any help with that so I'll go looking again. Thanks to all - Kali
  7. Even a skim of what people are saying has made me realize that I need to backtrack to something more basic: there are new skins, or avatars, since the last time I played with are far better. A friend gave me one but something went wrong and while she has body and hands no arms. I'm willing to pay for a good one, an actual person, but when I search Marketplace all I can find are Playboy Bunnies. Fun, but not something to walk around it. Of course once I have an avatar I'll be back bothering people about how to make her legs longer and such since I know I did that once. Is there someplace relia
  8. I know this has been talked about before and apologize for starting it again: I'm back on SL after a number of years. I haven't figured out AO, I think it's called, and instead just stand there. Is it something I need to buy, turn on, spin around three times and wish on a star? Sorry for being specious: socially it's been a very disconcerting night. It would be nice to get something simple working and need help. Kali
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