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  1. So do they have to restart the region when it goes from a Linden Home to Protected Land?
  2. Hi I hope everyone is safe and healthy! This is a great distraction but ...can someone help me figure out when you can tell if a area is going to release. i liked it yesterday when I thought it would go alphabetical. I found a spot I really like but it begins with a "D" Thank you!
  3. Did anyone have a list of the log home regions? it appears they are releasing them alphabetically
  4. I know as soon as I leave the computer someone will put up a amazing Victorian and I will missed it .. again. Uuugggggg
  5. about to release a Traditional .. wonderful location overlooking the ocean http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Leera/196/144/42
  6. I agree Elena! In a world that you can not hug, socialize in large group no more than 5 people, and are afraid that the person that you just walked past in your own neighborhood could of been exposed, Second Life and the amazing people that you have met both inworld or in this thread help keep us safe, socialized and are caring! I feel that I am not isolated because of second life I think of it as my "World of Neighbors" (((HUGS))) to you all and stay safe and healthy!
  7. YAYA!!!!!!! I GOT ONE !!! thank you It is in Effing parade LOL LOVE THE NAME
  8. Thank you Elena .. I did not All I see is trailer and traditional .. ((hugs)) Thank you again
  9. UUUUUGgggggg I missed them all!! Feeling like Charlie Brown today 😢
  10. I will be letting this Victorian go at 7 pm SLT http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Wallingford/49/129/35
  11. Does anyone know who the designer for the avatar featured on the sign in page> Winter 2016, she is wearing a fur hat.
  12. I am looking for the Valentine's Day outfit. It is a pink and black sweater. Thank you for your help
  13. I have a bundle in my inventory that will not let me rez it back out. I have tried going to a sand box with more prim then it would be. Any ideas would be of great help. Thank you Thank you for your answers. But I went and it still did not open. I am going to place a Trouble Ticket.
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