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  1. Well, it fixed itself - I just went somewhere else and then teleported back and everything was back.
  2. I just read about how I could change the model of home I had Traditional Adam so I derezzed the home but then accidentally derezzed the mailbox too. Is there an easy way to fix it?
  3. Thank you both for taking the time to explain this to me. I will take that class prior to making any purchase. Thanks again!
  4. Hello all, So I have been considering buying land and using my allotment of not owning a Linden Home. My question is that I calculate the land tier charge and it is $35/month. Not so bad, but my questions is, is that in addition to what the property says the weekly linden cost is? I'm trying to completely understand this before I get all crazy! Such great advice in here about buying land, truly do appreciate the people who take time to say what to look for. Had a couple of rude awakenings on a couple of the properties I was looking at, lol!! Appreciate advice - Thank you!
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