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  1. So I wanna build a club and I need land for that . I don't want to rent and I just want to buy it so Its all mine and so I don't need to pay every week or so . I heard that even If you buy it you still have to pay every month wtf ?! Is that true ? If not , how do you buy land permenantly so that Its all mine and no need to cost rent ever again ? Thanks , jessiechen
  2. Hi so me and my boyfriend want to make a club . We have a lot of money already , we just need to know how to make it . (Tip jars , pop ups , contests , etc) So I think by writing it will be hard .... And I have lindens so anyone that has a club so know how to , please IM me and If you manage to help us make a club I will pay you if you want . Please IM me if interested Here's my username : jessiechen Thanks
  3. Hi , so I say your post about hiring models . Well I have been playing SL for a year over . I have had a tons of people compliment my looks . I think I would be a good model , after all I am trying to earn lindens . So please tell me If your interested in me working as a model . Also If you want we can meet person by person to see how I really look like , to see my style , outfits , AO . Thanks , Jess
  4. i can't log in! it says that second life is not working, i dont know! i tried everything.. phoenix, viewer 2, i dont know. frustrating!!! if u can figure out the problem, i swear to u all, i will give u guys 100 linden!!!
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