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  1. Sorry to piggy back off this thread but didn't really want to start a new one since I have a similar question Anyone know of a free male mesh AV? Body and head or whatever one needs to go mesh? I won't have the extra money to upload to my account for a while and don't really have the time to work inside of SL.. But I'd like to learn how to go mesh and mess around with it myself for when the time comes I will know what I am doing.
  2. Thanks for the suggestions so far everyone. Greatly appreciated.
  3. Haven't had land in literally ages. Nearly 10 years. And right now I can't really afford or justify even getting land as I don't really do much on SL anyways. But I was curious though if you can find tiny skyboxes/empty spaces or apartments/rooms that are pretty cheap per week in SL? Where would one even go to look for that? Which forum here would that be more appropriate for? And where would one look in game? Everything I see are just decent size parcels/homesteads or whatever they are called. Basically I just want something to stand AFK in, and try out dance animations, change clothes, unpack things, and listen to music.
  4. That is so cool thanks that's what I like to hear!
  5. Thanks again all! One more thing. Sorry! What about dance animations? AOs? Or animations in general? Will animations made pre mesh AVs still work with mesh AVs? I have an addiction to dance animations and want to collect all the ones I like in world so I am curious if the old ones would still work or if I need mesh animations or what exactly.
  6. Wow that is great info. One of which my little Southern brain does not understand. But as long as everyone can't copy the measurements to achieve the same body then that's good for the creators. The body in which I was referring to, I saw in a video. I think it was the Classic that you mentioned. The video was about building an AV and they used the 1L one that was Classic and said it was from Legacy or something. I was thinking about trying that one just to understand how to do all this before I start dropping big Lindens here n there. I'm mainly afraid of messing up really bad and being out thousands of Lindens because I was an idiot lol. But anyways, in that video, she was able to edit the shape like we used to do before mesh. And edit everything on the body. Like bust size, jaw thickness, nose shape, etc etc.
  7. Thanks everyone. I think I am beginning to understand this a little better now and where to go. I had one more silly question though about mesh bodies. Can you edit them? The ones you buy from stores? Reason I ask is because what is stopping someone from buying a mesh body and then just writing down all the measurements. And sending those measurements to their friends so all there friends get the same body for free? I heard there's an editable mesh body out there that's only 1L. So what's stopping someone from telling their friends that have the free one their measurements?
  8. Thanks so much for the list. Hopefully you remember that last one but if not that is ok lol I should be able to handle it unless you're just bored and want to tag along or hangout or something Also, silly question but do I need to do anything about eyes now or is that part of the skin and you can change the eye color that way via hud or somthing? Thanks!
  9. This is great. Thanks! Quick question. I hear people talking about Giani. Then I hear people just talking about Signature. Are they one in the same? Signature makes Giani? I've also heard that most people don't like the hud but I have never used a hud yet for these new mesh skins and all that so I don't even know.
  10. That's all for the info. I hit the like on all the replies so far. Keep it coming if anyone has other suggestions or something not listed. As for budget goes. No budget. I want to know about EVERYTHING. For style. I have a wide variety. Ripped jeans and a tee shirt, or ripped jeans with polos, casual button ups, dress shirts with or without ties... etc etc. I also like suits, boardshorts, cargo shorts, sunglasses. Anything really. Besides emo and fantasy like furries and what not.
  11. I'm in dire need of a makeover. I mean I don't look bad if I do say so myself but I've been out of the world for a bit. And haven't updated in I wanna say 5 years. Could be longer. I'm hearing there's mesh skins, skins that can switch tattoos on the fly with a HUD? and all this other advanced stuff so I really am clueless now and trying to make sense of it all. Been trying to browse through the threads so I wouldn't have to start my own.. but I'm hearing terms like BoM, Omega, Actanon.. no idea what those are.. oh and I hear girls talking about head all the time. Sorry for the pun but I mean like something called a catwa or something I don't even know. Could we get an ELI5 in here? Need help with skins.. and now heads too?? So confused. And then I'm sure you'd have to have special clothing for the special skins?? What about eyes and hair? Do they need to be special too?? Any help and or recommendations would be greatly appreciated.
  12. I have a character from way back 17 years ago that has a first and last name. No decimals. I have seen some names on the radar/nearby list that also have a first and last name. No spaces. But when you click on their name and go to their profile it looks like this: FirstName"decimalhere"LastName I guess my question is why is that? And what's the difference? I also will be getting a new name if they ever add the last name I am after.. so I hope I don't have a decimal in there...
  13. Received an email 6 months ago from LL saying Last Names would be returning. Haven't heard anything since. Did a google search and not finding anything on it either. Anyone have any more info?
  14. SL has gotten boring for me so I don't get on much like I used to.. Now, even Ambrosia is dead. DEAD. Hardly anyone there even peak hours. I've searched in world and bounced around but not really finding any good clubs/hangouts. My music preference is Rap/Hip Hop/Top 40/Dance but I'm not really picky at this point. Would be nice just to go somewhere and there actually be people there. Recommendations anyone?
  15. Ok so this is going to be hard to explain so I'll do my best.. I'm trying to put a notecard in the bio on my profile. So when people read my profile they can click the notecard link directly from my profile and open it and get more info like events, schedules, etc etc. Surely this is possible becaue you can link groups and profiles in your profiles bio Example: secondlife:///app/group/Group_UUID_HERE/about (makes a group into a clickable link secondlife:///app/agent/PROFILE_UUID_HERE/about (links your profile So I'm trying to figure out what I need to type in bold to get a notecard clickable.. notecards have UUID's also so this should work.. but not sure what I need to type after app/ Also, is there a list somewhere that shows all of the things you can type after app/ ? I know there's ones for Teleport and Grid. Surely there's more out there.. would like to know/learn them all. Could be useful. Thanks
  16. I'm a half console half PC gamer but mainly console as it's just more conveniant and social. I generally only do MMOs on PC and have played TONS of them. EQ, EQ2, WoW, Matrix Online, LoTRO, CoH/CoV, SWTOR, SWG, GW2.. I think that's it lol there might be more but that's just what comes to mind. I recently played Day Z (online zombie survival game) It's freakin awesome lol I'm not a big zombie nerd or anything and don't care for things like the walking dead etc but its awesome. For console I started out from N64 to PS2 then from there I've been souly on the Xbox. Got the X1 as well. That's where my FPS games come in and Racing genres. GTA is also in there So ya hit me up in SL if anyone needs any gaming friends
  17. Looking for someone to design a logo for my business. IM me in world what you charge PS the company is adult themed
  18. WoodyHickey wrote: Are you looking for a good paying job we pay you to work at are club pulse you get 70% of yor tips no club will ever pay you as much as we do IM me for an app or jump on this train http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Tropea/198/96/3501 Funny, most clubs pay more than 70%...
  19. Don't mean to sound rude but shouldn't label your club as a ''Freelance'' club A true Freelance club doesn't have to go through the application process (just look at Escort Oasis) Just my 2 cents. Good luck
  20. I'm mainly needing a female to do voice recordings that I can use to advertise my company in world. You will be paid (negotiable) Message me in world 24/7 as I can also respond to offline messages from cell. Thanks, DjWhiteBoi
  21. I've been using their dance hud for a few months now.. I'm very disappointed with them. About 2 weeks ago my dance hud quit working all together. I would click the button to choose a playlist.. but the playlists menu wouldn't pop up so I could actually choose a playlist. I figured it was just lag or something but it did this for a whole week so I just said screw it and went with a hud from someone else. Good luck.
  22. I saw someone at a club in SL the other night and he was doing the animation where you ''brush your shoulders off'' I didn't think to ask him where he got it.. figured one of the places where I buy my animations from had it but I can't seem to find it :( Anyone know whose got it?
  23. I'm mainly needing a female to do voice recordings that I can use to advertise my company in world. You will be paid (negotiable) Message me in world 24/7 as I can also respond to offline messages from cell. Thanks, DjWhiteBoi
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