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  1. While i do think LL should invest more and smoothen things up a bit, they wont drasticly upgrade. SL is for people with "normal" computers and its meant to be accesable for mid range computers
  2. your right. Ill start on everything now and hopefully my goal is to be Hosting Auditions in the next 2 months.
  3. ive come up with an idea for a show based in secondlife, okay so it will have 1 to 2 episodes a month and will basicly be a show type thing where we will talk about the latest sci-fi shows and movies (like spacecast). would it work? i could build a studio ect. but would it catch on?. i know that theres a pretty avid doctor who community in secondlife and since the new doctor who series theres a topic people are interested in right there. sci fi is popular
  4. HP ProBook 4520s 15.6 notebook is what i got. works great
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