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  1. well which perms do I need on a dance in order for me to move it into a chimera? I know I had this dance in one before.. its modify/copy..
  2. I've beeng one for a few months and I got back and my chimera was broken. So I got a new one. Well Ive put all the dances back in it with np. But, the dance that I bought awhile back, it won't let me drag it over for some reason. It's perms are Modify/copy no transfer. I thought it worked if it was copyable?
  3. I haven't been in SL for a few months.. and my Chimera I used to have broke.. so I got a new one and deleted the old one.. however, I had bought a dance with linden and put inside of it.. and I deleted the chimera sense I got a new one.. did my dance get deleted too? the reason I ask is because I have 2 other versions of it in my inventory.. but they are no transfer and it's not letting me put the no transfer one into the Chimera. I was inventory cleaning and emptied my trash.. so I guess I'm screwed. unless I'm doing something wrong? Can you or can you not put no transfer animations into
  4. K so I know how to change the notecard and add in stations and my own stream etc etc. But how exactly do you find out someone's URL to their shoutcast stream from shoutcast.com? Can you add any of those stations to stream into your notecard to stream into land? IF not.. then where do you find all the lists of stations and genres to use that you could add to listen to theirs?
  5. I used to know how to do this but it's been so long sense I've done it that I don't remember at all now. What I want to do is for instance, when I type my store name in the forums or anywhere really, I want my store name to be the link so you just click it and it goes to the store instead of having to paste the direct link to click on for example: www.blahblahblah.blahbla/blahblah I hope my post makes sense:matte-motes-nerdy: EDIT FOR ANSWERS: Ok it works, but how could I do this on other websites where there is no insert/edit link option?
  6. $500L for 16 hours of work? I make that in one day just from petting meeroos...
  7. Im using Phoenix, but I've never had this problem.. voice chat always works.. but when I go to the preferences tab and open all that up and go to voice chat, its all greyed out and tells me its not available.. even at info hubs where they have voice chat.. same thing.. I checked my firewall settings first, and they are set to allow it What else could it be? EDIT: I logged in on V2 and its working fine. On Phoenix, it will not even let me enable voice chat.. the whole voice chat tab in preferences is greyed out and says voice chat is not available....
  8. My main toon is fine, but the alts a different story.. Everytime on log in, it says that ''You cannot build here blah blah blah.." I'm not trying to build, I'm just logging in and getting that everytime lol its annoying...
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