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  1. Jaylee- Please feel free to message me in world (notecard is preferred if I am offline) at norajulian Resident if you still need some help. I understand the pains of having a huge piece of land and having no idea what you can fit in it!
  2. Hiya, Stephie! I live in Japan (one hour ahead of you) and I certainly understand what it's like to have a hard time finding friends. I will be sure to send you a message in-world when I log in here in a few hours. SL is a beautiful place!
  3. Right now I'm on a green tea kick, as green tea is all the rage here in Japan where I'm living at the moment. Jasmine tea is another popular thing, but I can't seem to force myself to enjoy it.
  4. HELLO, WORLD. My name is Nora Goober (norajulian resident) and I have been in SL for 11ish years. I am an experienced manager of a little Community RP called the Town of Avon, based after RL Avon, Indiana (yes, we have corn). My main hobbies include obsessive creative landscaping and photoshopping until my eyes bleed. I cannot mesh to save my life, so thank goodness for creators, for I would be naked and afraid if it weren't for them. I would charge for my landscaping and start a business, but I don't know how much to charge, so.. kudos to you if you are experienced in SL stocks. Come be my friend. Contact me in world.
  5. Dezire, just so you know.. LL won't let you purchase a homestead unless you own a full prim sim. I'm not sure if you knew, so please don't beat me! *chuckles* Please see the Wiki link. http://wiki.secondlife.com/wiki/Linden_Lab_Official:Private_island_special_promotion#Can_I_order_a_Homestead_Region_without_owning_a_Full_Region.3F
  6. The Skin Fair would be a great place for you to look! Many female skin shops have appliers at separate from their skins.. but a few.. like Pumec.. will include their appliers in the skins.. you just have to look!
  7. That's definitely a DROT hair. Look it up in search... pretty easy to find
  8. Woo! I love photomanipulations! I'd love to be a dummy if you'd still like some practice! As for me- I tend to tip handsomly depending on how much I like it and how friendly the artist is I've tipped as much as double the original charge. So it's all depending on what you wish. I think a solid 500L is a good starting price (I appreciate 500L because then I feel like I can add a tip without feeling like the artist overcharges because he or she doesn't think that they will recieve a tip- if that makes sense).
  9. A friend of mine is being inappropriately IMed about somebody knowing where she lives, and threatening her with all sorts of things. is there any way I can get this person banned? He's also said that he's showing everyone he knows all of her pictures.
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