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  1. Hi. I'm renting an apartment in one of the sims. I want to subdivide the interior with walls that have doors in them. Can someone tell me how to do that and where to find the walls i need? Thanks MF
  2. Thank you, everyone. All it needed was a relog after i made the change.
  3. Tried Re-installing Firestorm...no luck. Managed to work my way into Preferences and on the General tab, changed something from Russki to Angliski, but still no change.
  4. I accidentally set my default language to Russian while trying translate chat. I can't read Russian to change it back! How can I reset it to English? Thanks, MF
  5. I was trying to use the chat translator and accidentally set my default language to Russian. I can't read the menu to change it back! Can somebody help me quick, so i can play tonight? Thanks, MF
  6. Hi everybody. I'm trying to understand the mesh avatar thing. I've been doing the Classic Av thing for like 5 or 6 years and am finally going to jump into the deep end, but i need to find out some things, like... I've been using the Serenade Emoter (it changes the expression on your face to match different emotions) practically since I first logged in and i love it. I don't know why everybody doesn't use it! But will i still be able to use it with a mesh avatar? I was thinking of getting a Maitreya avatar (ESODE Olivia Skin and Sophia Shape). But i want to modify the shape. The demo doesn't allow mod but does the full version allow modifying the shape? How can i tell for sure? and - a little off-topic - I've been having lots of trouble with my avatars' feet either sinking below or hovering above the floor, and also, when wearing different footwear (especially high heels) sometimes the standard feet don't go all the way down into the shoe, and/or the flesh-colored foot shape is visible outside the shoe. I never used to have this problem with my avatars. Thanks very much for your attention! MF
  7. Hi everybody. I downloaded the latest version of Iobit's Razer Game Booster and installed it. Now whenever I use it, game functions like viewing profiles, joining groups, and search won't work. I get an error message to the effect of "Media webkit plugin failed" or something very similar. I've tried re-installing the game mucho times, but that doesn't work. Without the game booster, SL runs slow and choppy. Does anyone know of any OTHER game boosters i could try. Or tell me how to resolve the conflict with Razer Game Booster? Thanks, Melody
  8. Everytime I scan my computer with an anti-virus program, the SL caches slow the process down A LOT. Do I need all the stuff that's in those folders? If not, what do I keep and what to I delete? Thank you, Melody
  9. Thanks everyone for your help. At least now I won't be wasting money on something i don't need!
  10. The lag is ruining my enjoyment of the sim. I have an NVidia 8500GT video card in a machine that has 4Gb of RAM and a 2.4 Ghz CPU. My connection is broadband through Comcast, and I think it's probably on the low end as far as that speed goes. Should I get a better video card? What's the best thing to do to reduce lag? Thanks, Melody
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