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  1. events are on the calander to be scheduled but sometimes for sims with a lot to do you need hosts/hostesses posting more than just their sets to help get it all out onto the https://secondlife.com/my/community/events/index.php?lang=en-US
  2. nope the Wrestling and Football is in full swing IDK if you saw the football League set up on the sim when they were giving free stuff out but yeah some role plays are now including them into the rp so not new looks but yeah sports in old outfits if you dont mind wrestling in Roman or Egyptian clothing.
  3. Denzio has a great idea but I never got a mounted fish doin any of the fishing (gold hunt has fishing just click the huds arrow and it changes to fishing hud all in one) some give you items like 7Seas and all the farm systems fishing but again like many who read this IDK what you consider a grid wide game. any rp system that has farming might do as all the farm systems now have fishing but one. so look up Arora, G&S, and DFS (newest and most contemporary looking) I never got to play WW but I will post links over the week to help you decide if its what your looking for. but they is not a fighting games the first do allow for fighting and weapons to be made but I am not an expert.--Please search my posts I will post more about all these-
  4. G&S you dont have to eat unless your training/racing Tharls
  5. yeah I think just yanking all rights to all accounts and the url from making more accounts on SL is the resolution not igonoring they get their way and there should be punishment FINES ARE THE BEST WAY TO STOP IT NOT IGNORE AND ALLOW OR CONDONE
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