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  1. Hi, I've been searching for autumn-themed locations, but have only been able to find a few. It seems to me that there used to be many more of these locations during the last few years. Where have they gone?! Please let me know if you know of any ~ Lynn
  2. Thank you for your input. It is only meant for personal use, so I guess I'm on the safe side
  3. Hello, I was wondering if anyone could help me out here. I would like to take my own pictures of an inworld place, and make a skybox out of those pictures. I'm not good at explaining this, but this is what I want using my own snapshots: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Strato-Cube-6-Megapixel-360x180-Panorama-Viewer-20M-to-1024M/5605458 So basically, the creator uses six cube faces to create a panorama. I found a tutorial on how to do this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=14jq7iToyKM ... but the options that are being used here don't seem to be available in my viewer. Downloading the viewer that was used in the tutorial didn't seem to solve the problem either, so I hope someone is willing to help me out! It would be much appreciated :)
  4. Qie Niangao wrote: Lynn Shiu wrote: Wanted: small place with 30 or more prims for up to 50L a week. I know it's possible, because I've had rentals like this before If you know of a place like this, please answer here or IM me in world! I'm curious: Why don't you go back to the place where you rented something similar before? I'd love to go back to one of those places, but those sims have disappeared.
  5. Wanted: small place with 30 or more prims for up to 50L a week. I know it's possible, because I've had rentals like this before :) If you know of a place like this, please answer here or IM me in world!
  6. Wanted: small place (a room is fine) with 10 or more prims, for up to 35L a week. Who can help me out here?
  7. Greetings, I've been looking for a few ice-themed locations to visit in SL. I know I'm very specific and I'm sorry for that, but I'm looking for an ice-themed castle, an ice-themed (or underwater) prison and a detailed ice cave. I haven't been able to find the first two. I have found a beautiful ice cave at Mirromere, but it was very small and I would like to find a larger one. :) Thanks in advance, ~Lynn
  8. Hello, I hope someone can help me out here. I've been looking for a place (skybox, mainland, I don't really care) to rent for about 200L a week. I need about 200 prims, and I want to put down my home and maybe sell some stuff as well. Any recommendations would be very welcome! :) ~Lynn
  9. Hello! I've been looking for a small store to rent, but I haven't been able to find something suitable yet. I would only need about 30 - 40 prims, since I don't have that many items to sell at this point. As I sell poses, I can't use market stalls. I am willing to pay uptil 50L a week. I hope someone can help me out here! Thanks in advance, Lynn
  10. Hello! I am looking for a small shop to rent. Since I don't have many items available yet, I need about 30 prims and I'm willing to pay uptil 60L a week. I hope someone can help me out here! Best wishes, Lynn
  11. Thanks for your input, ladies Especially those last two options seem to be a bit more purse-friendly, so I'll consider using those. However, if anyone has another suggestion, please feel free to let me know as well. It's just, I've never used this before, so it's all very new to me!
  12. Hello :) First of all, I know some SL residents are against SL pregnancies - that's not what my question is about, though. Please only reply to this post if you're serious. Thanks! My partner and I are planning on having a baby, which is why I've been looking for a tummy talker. However, I want one that doesn't spam public chat, for that can be very annoying to others. I'd like one that just informs me about my SL pregnancy, and I'd like my partner to be able to interact with it, too. I hope someone can help me out here! Thanks in advance, Lynn
  13. If you consider yourself a SL failure, well... I'm worse. I've been around SL for about the same time as you have, two years. However, I just can't seem to overcome my shyness, not even in-world. I hardly say anything because I cannot imagine anyone being interested in my words. So I just kind of hang around, on my own, hoping someone will approach me. I know it's really stupid, but hey, maybe you'll feel less of a failure now. =)
  14. Honestly, I hate being such a noob when it comes to these things, and I do feel ashamed asking this, but I really want to fix this problem. I have recently bought a home where one of the walls has a tile texture. I would like to replace this with another texture (no tiles), but whenever I try doing this, only the color of the wall seems to change - the tiles don't. Can someone please help me out here? Lynn
  15. Hi Sofiee, If you know more about the prims, I might be interested as well! Lynn
  16. Lynn Shiu

    Titanic dress

    Hello, I've been looking for a Titanic dress for a few weeks now, but I can't find many. I found a couple of dresses at the Marketplace, and I really like this one: https://marketplace.secondlife.com/p/Titanic-Rose-Swim-Dress/3471087. Thing is, I really wish I could see some more Titanic dresses. Does anyone know some or something similar to the one in the link? Lynn Shiu
  17. While looking at those shops, I found another store I had never heard of before, it was called Enigma Hair. I'm not trying to advertise or anything, but in case someone is looking for the same as I was... it's exactly what I was looking for! Anyway, thank you both
  18. I love Dr. Life... but I think the prices are a bit high.
  19. Hello, I've been searching for very long, realistic hair in SL for some time now, but I can't seem to find what I want. I did find this hair, but I don't think it's realistic enough. I really like stores such as Elikatira and Magika - the hair over there looks quite realistic. However, they don't have the long hair I'm after. Can someone maybe help me out here? Lynn Shiu
  20. Ah, Leroy is a wonderful place ^__^ Did you edit that picture yourself? It's awesome!
  21. Which way on Valentine's Day? Want to share the most romantic place in Second Life there is? Please do so by commenting on my blog: http://fromsecondlifewithlove.blogspot.com/ Or by contacting me inworld ^-^ Happy Second Life Valentine's Day! :heart:
  22. Source: http://fromsecondlifewithlove.blogspot.com/ Alright, this post might remember you a bit of Alirium - it remembered me of it, too. But this beautiful place will only be accessible for a short time, and it would be such a shame to miss out on visiting it! Once teleported, you'll land in an enchanting field of flowers... an amazing scenery! If you're ready, make your way through it, and climb the ladder. It will bring you to a dark place where you can jump onto a leaf, which will bring you to some magical spots. You will be given the chance to enjoy the charming view of this soft, wintery environment. Meanwhile, your leaf will take you to a dark, mysterious little cave. You'll soon notice that this cave isn't an ordinary one - there's a door inside of it. Once you've found it, you will be able to enter a somewhat strange, hidden room, which will - yes, again - give you the feeling you're Alice in Wonderland! The leaf will take you to a certain point, and after the ride is finished, you might want to walk around for a bit. HappyMood is very beautiful to explore, plus it's very calming to just be there! ~ Visit HappyMood in Winter ~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Cadenza/86/81/21 For more Second Life destinations, please visit http://fromsecondlifewithlove.blogspot.com/
  23. http://fromsecondlifewithlove.blogspot.com Just in case you don't know yet - I love art. And luckily, art isn't restricted to the real world. Please don't be mistaken; Second Life is a great place to find all kind of art. It's like a global village where all cultures come together, a place where photographers, fashion designers, musicians, actors and other artists from all over the world unite! Take this exposition, Arctica Dreams, which promotes culture and art in the Metaverse. The exposition is located in an icy cave. You'll land in the snow, and you must jump into a hole to enter Rebecca's world of ice. If you walk around for a bit, you'll eventually notice some kind of ice tunnel. If you enter it, you'll come across the ice sculptures. The exposition is held by Rebecca Bashley, and can be visited until the 11th of January 2012. The sculptures are all made by female SL artists. A new exposition is being held each month at MetaLES. So if you're an art lover, make sure to take a look every now and then! More information can be found on MetaLES' website: http://www.metalesperformance.blogspot.com/ ~ Visit MetaLES ~ http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/MetaLES/220/71/72 [mature] Looking for more? Then please visit http://fromsecondlifewithlove.blogspot.com
  24. Hehe, it's a lovely place, right? Very strange and unique! I'm glad I could help you. ^__^
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